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    I went to see Dr. David Edelberg, Whole Health Chicago on Tuesday. ( He's on the good doctor list on this board so FM & CF don't scare him. I am MOST impressed with the "Healing Path" that he prescribed for my FM/CF.

    In contrast with the 24 page questionnaire from FFC, his method of taking my history was very different than anything I've ever experienced. He came out to the waiting room to get me himself even though he had an office full of office and medical staffers!

    No visit with the nurse or medical assistant for the arduous history taking and vitals check with the dreaded weigh in. No torturous pressing of my tender points which reduces all of us (including me) to tears. He just checked one tender point on my knee. I jumped about 2' in the air almost flying out of the chair.

    Instead of the typical recitation of my prior diagnoses and symptoms, he sat with me in an office while he typed on a laptop. He asked me to imagine my life as a movie. What was my health like as a baby? A child? A teen-ager? What were my 20's like? My 30's and my 40's? When we finished he recited it all back to me from his notes and got it all correct. He was ACTUALLY LISTENING!

    A clear pattern began to emerge: mainly stress due to under treated fibro and other chronic pain because of numerous health problems along with serious hormonal imbalances. Added to the stress of the chronic pain is the run around I have gotten for the past 25 years going from doctor to doctor and not getting adequate treatment or a real diagnosis.

    I almost didn't keep my appointment because of the title of his book "The Triple Whammy Cure." I bought the book in the apothecary and can't put it down.

    The chapter on fibromyalgia is one of the longest in the book. Whammy #1: Stress, the Fibro Trigger. Whammy #2: Low Serotonin, the Cause of Fibro? There's a good paragraph here on our pain enemy, Substance P. Whammy #3: The Hormone Connection.

    I do have some "homework" which is two test kits. One is called Adrenal Health. It's a saliva test kit for DHEA x2 and Cortisol x4. The other is a urine test kit for epinephrine, nor-epinephrine, dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and creatinine. After I fill up the specimen containers I mail them in with prepaid labels.

    My personal healing path involves:

    Changing my pain medication to a MUCH more potent one -- this typically lasts from 6 months to 1 year and is used to break the cycle of SEVERE pain;
    Staying on the same dose of T3 (FFC just raised that to 125 mcg. 12/23/06);
    Lowering my hydrocortisone from 20 mg. SR to 5 mg. 2X per day -- Cortef brand instead of more expensive compounded version;
    Upping my Bi-Est from (Estriol 2 mg. Estradiol 1.25 mg) to Estriol/Estradiol 3.75;
    Upping my Testosterone from 1.25 to 2.5 mg.

    I'm supposed to stay on:
    Fish Oil 1,000 mg. 2X per day;
    Vitamin D 1,000 IU daily;
    5 HTP 100 mg at bedtime;
    DHEA 50 mg.

    B Complex -- high potency to the FFC Ultra Genesis multi;
    St. John's Wort 450 mg. 2X per day.

    Natural ways to boost serotonin (feel good brain chemical):
    Exercise -- walking OK -- 20 minutes -- outdoors preferred;
    Get some sunlight every day;
    Eat good quality carbs (that I'm not intolerant to) with every meal.

    In a nutshell, Dr. Edelberg explained to me that I have a genetic predisposition to low levels of serotonin. I was born a few bucketfuls short. This is my buffer against stress and it's gone. That I agree with because I crash when I exceed my boundaries.
    I'm subject to the changing tides of hormones as estrogen and serotonin are closely related. That I also agree with because I've had almost all of the whammies described in the book: CF, FM, IBS, memory loss & brain fog, menopausal issues, migraine headaches, postpartum depression, PMS, SAD (winter blues), sleep problems, smoking & weight loss agonies and problems with TMJ.

    I'm at the point with FFC where they would like me to come in every 2-4 weeks for AV IV therapy. I've already spent tons of money with FFC for doctor visits, testing, IVs, and supplements. After doing their treatment for 9 months, my AB titers for infections are the same as when I started! My hormone levels are still low. I still have every symptom listed under hormone deficiencies on the FFC website.

    In spite of religiously following the candida diet and taking 9 months of Nystatin + a 30 day cycle of Diflucan then another 60 day cycle of Diflucan -- I'm no closer to lowering my Candida AB titers either. I've had 9 IgG shots and swallowed a million FFC supplements. We’ve spent almost $11,000 out of pocket in 2006. It's time for something different.
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    It sounds like you found a very good doctor. Thanks for sharing all of his recommendations. I was on St. John's Wort for 6 years and had to go off for surgery in October and haven't started it back up again. I really notice the difference without it and plan to add it back in. I also treat at the FFC and they wanted to put me on their compounded form of seretonin and the anti-depressant Celexa in lieu of St. John's Wort. I decided not to go the compounded route as I didn't want to add any more $ to my compounding bill and am also scared to start down the anti-depressant route as I have taken 5 HTP and St. John's Wort and Xanex. My FCC doctor also wants to put me on yeast medication. I am relunctant if it doesn't help alot of people. Was the yeast medication compounded that you were prescribed or was it a regular insurance paid RX. Did the yeast medication make you any sicker while you were taking it? Thanks for your information. I like to swap information with people that also treat at the FFC.

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    I've tried all kinds of antidepression meds in the past 25 years. It was my choice to try St. John's Wort again because I had the best results on this. I've tried Lexapro, Prozac, Trazadone, Elavil, Paroxetine, Remeron, Neurontin, and Lyrica.

    I'd be reluctant to try the FFC compounded version simply because of the cost. I do like 5-HTP. That has helped me get into a much deeper state of sleep. I'm still am not ready to quit taking Ambien CR every night.

    As far as candida yeast goes, my IgM, IgG and IgA antibodies are all high. They've come down a tiny bit after 8.5 months of Nystatin, 30 days of diflucan, plus another 60 days of diflucan 3 months later -- all while continueing to take Nystatin. I started crashing during the 2nd day cycle when they added Lumbrokinaise to my regimen.

    The FFC doc also did a compounded oral medication to kill the yeast in my mouth (thrush) and to get rid of the coating on my tongue. My tongue was cracked so it helped with the pain -- another reason my mouth was so dry. That never killed off the coating on my tongue and it was $82 a bottle which lasted less than a month.

    I got die off reactions at the end of the 60 days of Difulcan only. My die off symptoms were not any worse than the pain I've had daily for years -- just some flu like burning in my legs.

    10 months later, I still have the exact same set of symptoms that I went to the FFC to get treatment for: weight gain, low sense of well being, depression, body aches, restless sleep, dry or rough skin, joint pain, fatigue, cold sensations, low libido, thinning hair, fragile nails, frequent headaches, sore muscles, water retention, constipation, PMS, low motivation, and even low immune system.


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    Thank you for the details. I'm int he same problem with FFC as you. Chicago would be close.

    LISALOO New Member

    You know, I did read his book, it was very interesting, never hit me that he was in Chicago.

    LISALOO New Member

    What is the cost of his appointments?
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    The check I wrote for my appointment on Tuesday was $206. I have Aetna (new year & new deductible)and don't know how the in office lab test and two take home tests will be billed yet. I go back in 4 weeks.

    They made copies of all of my FFC lab work. I browsed though the apothecary and picked out the supplements that I didn't already have and bought the book...another $87 including $20 for the discount program.

    Whole Health Chicago uses the same test for food intolerances (MRT Food Sensitivity Test Results & LEAP ImmunoCalm Dietary Managment Program). I posted my results from that under Lisapetrison's Food Allergy thread.

    I've been following the recommendations in the book for boosting serotonin with carb timing for the past 2 days. I noticed a HUGE difference in my pain levels with the new pain medication. I was able to hop on my Nordic Track for 20 minutes today.

    My mood is much improved but that could also be due to not being PMS-Y. My best week of the month is the week AFTER my cycle. After my FFC crash, I was feeling TOTAL & UTTER DESPAIR.

    My first few visit to FFC was $360 plus $145 for IV therapy ($505). I spent $350.81 on supplements. The second visit was $360 plus $250.05 for supplements. The total for the third visit was $627.46. Quest billed my insurance close to $6,000 for labs.
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    Does Dr. Edelberg seem to treat CFS? Or does he mostly just do fibro?

    I got a blood draw for my new food allergy test on Monday. It's being done through Genova Laboratories (formerly Great Smokies).

    The last time I had one done was about nine years ago. This was far too long to wait.

    I'm eager to see how things have changed, since avoiding problematic foods makes a big difference for me.
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    It's good to hear of another good doctor in Chicago. Does Dr. Edelberg treat CFS, too?

    After hearing Jolie's experience and the posters above, I think I'll skip the FFC's. Our diseases are too complex to be treated with the same protocol.

    We'll be rooting for you, Munch. Best of luck!

    Jolie: How are you feeling these days?


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