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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SeaShel, Nov 29, 2006.

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    Hi - I'm being sent for an IME with a neurologist. (recently went for one with a physical therapist)

    I'm wondering if anyone knows what is involved? I don't want to call the dr's office, since I think they report everything and I don't want it misconstrued.

    my only concern is that if I'm getting an MRI I **have** to have sedation cuz of claustrophobia. They won't sedate if I don't have a ride home.

    any info or input is appreciated. also, I all ready have the LTD (13 years) and they have never sent me for IME's in all this time.

  2. SeaShel

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  3. SeaShel

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    giving it another try
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    I don't think I can help but I was curious what is an IME and what is LTD? I can relate to the machine though, I had an MRI and they just stuck me in there, didn't even have the decency to explain that I would be hearing loud banging! How thoughtless they were.
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    an IME is an independent medical exam

    LTD is long term disability (private policy, not related to Social Security

    the LTD companies operate by denying claims or stopping paying them whenever possible. they send you for IME's to get a dr. to say that there is nothing wrong with you and/or there is no reason you cannot work.

    you should have been asked in advance of your mri if you're claustrophobic and offered sedation if so. the test should have been explained, including the noise, before they rolled you into that contraption. I thought that was standard practice. sorry you had a bad experience.
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