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    I am curious to know if CFS can cause serious neurological problems and/or nueurological problems cause CFS?

    I ask because, lately, I have been shaking, twitching (eyelids, hands, chest, muscles), VERY weak and VERY numb and tingly - and I can't drive, at all. The movement and motion is overbearing to my senses, etc.


  2. amymb74

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    my neurological symptoms didn't devolop until about 5 years into the illness. Unfortunately they seem to to come more than go as time goes on. The only thing I have found to help is ativan - it seems to temporarily knock my senses closer to normal - I would not drive until I discovered ativan, now I will go short distances on my own. I feel like I'm a hazard on the road - I get disoriented & have trouble concentrating on the road.
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    Everything you describe can be found with CFS. It can also be symptomatic of other things like toxins in the body etc. I would see a neurologist and have a full lab work-up to rule things out. You can only say it's CFS once the other things have been ruled out.
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