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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lynncats, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. lynncats

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    I'm seeing a neurologist on Friday for the headaches I've been having (posted about them before), anyway, does such Dr. also deal with FM? I would like to talk to him about my problems with FM also. I do have a rheumy, but I'd like another Drs. advise. What do you think?


  2. frickly

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    on the neurologist. I was referred to my neurologist by my rheumy. My neurologist states on his website that he treats patients with FM and CFS. He did help me more with pain than any other doctor I had seen previously, including my rheumy. He gave me my lidoderm pain patches which I am very grateful to have. He also offered to do localized injections for pain. Couldn't hurt to ask.

    Good luck,
  3. lynncats

    lynncats New Member

    Thank you for responing. You are right, it never hurts to ask. Have a good day!!

  4. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I second the idea of asking ahead of time. I would call and ask then you know what to prepare for. The Receptionists have always been able to answer that question for me.

    I like Lidoderm patches too. You can cut them and make strips for your forehead for headaches and I use a full one for cramps. To get them to stay on I use 1 inch waterproof medical tape. I found that hurts the least when you take it off. You can also take it off by going slow and pushing the skin down as you go along pulling off the tape.

    These patches help with pain over time. Sometimes they take an hour or more to kick in. I also leave them on for a day or a night at a time and they help more and more over time for pain that's staying in one place.

    They help with my ankle pain enough to make it so I can walk around pain free if the pain that day is primarily in my ankles etc...

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