Neurologist elluded my pain may be linked to DEPRESSION

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bunnyfluff, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. bunnyfluff

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    Told you I would let you know how it went @ the Neuro today, and he seemed to think that "some" of my pain and cognitive function "problems" may be linked to depression or to the Zoloft I am taking- or better yet, not taking "enough of"!!

    He did order an upper cervical spine MRI, and said that there was a possibility that there was some damage done to the nerves in my neck, which might be causing some of the hyper sensitivity in my upper body, but it seemed like there were too many issues to address, and it sort of freaked him out.

    Anyway, he switched me to Welbutrin XL, and in a month I will switch from Topamax to Neurontin or Lyrica, and see how that goes, too.

    He didn't rule out a brain scan- but I was a little put off by the "suggestion" that ANY of my pain is linked to depression. I know antidepressants can help, but my depression didn't make my pain, my pain made my depression. I just want this pain to stop. It wears me out.
  2. zoemurr

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    that I'm depressed and zoloft will help me. I went to the FFC in Cleveland on Monday, and Dr. J asked me what other Drs. have said. I told her they say I'm depressed. She said, "Do you know what I say to those Drs? I tell them that my patients are depressed because they have been in pain for years and you don't listen to them!" (That was worth my price of admission right there. :)
  3. Cromwell

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    Sounds like the usual answer we get from neuros. Welbutrin, my friend loves it but she HAS depression. Do you feel you have depression? The thing is there are meds as you know that will address the pain and feeling dragged out(like Amitryptiline).

    Zoloft, Prozac et al make me so depressed, I cannot take them.

    I would wait for the results of your neck scan. I don't feel too happy about him suggesting Welbutrin just like that and although neurontimn works for some for nerve pain, it has side effects for many of us that are bad.

    I am sorry he did not think the MRI of brain was needed. These neuros, I sometimes wish they could have our symptoms for a week.

    Keep us posted.

    Love Anne C
  4. msmac

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    Of course the cognitive fog/problem can be linked to depression, and who isn't if we have been in a chronic pain state? Don't sign off on him yet. I have had every inch of my body poked, scanned, x-rayed and punctured in the last 6 months... and changed to Lyrica, though it is a difficult drug, and is helping. And the fog has lifted twice, a few weeks ago when I got multiple injections in neck and shoulder muscles, after a few days of pain, my headache lifted, along with the fog, and I remembered who I was. Soo, the next visit he did a cervical epidural injection, right in his office, and yes it hurt, but hurt worse when the lidocaine wore off, and am now post injection day 3. And I FINALLY feel the fog lifting again. I think the neuro thing and neck upper body/headache link is being made, at least for me. I have had fibro for most of my life, so have tried just about everything. And this last 6 month flare is the worst I have been in. So even if I only get a few days, it has given me hope that there may be relief. Best wishes!
  5. futurehope

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    Been there, and heard that!!!

    I have CFS and Panic Disorder. It seems when you have Panic Disorder everything is in your head, no matter what it is.

    Did recently have a breakthru with my MD though.

    We found out I REALLY DID have some problems.

    Now he is sweeter than ever to me.

  6. sydneysider

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    It's extremly depressing that so many of us find it so difficult to get our problems correctly diagnosed.

    In my experience neuros (and others) are quick to try and write off problems as not significant. I've seen many 'experts' who I now know got things wrong. It took me 25 years to find out that I have compressed disks in my neck. I was going to the last neuro for a year before he finally ordered head & neck MRIs, and found the disc problem.

    These days I don't worry about any stupid comments that doctors make. I simply use them as good joke material, and wow, have I got some beauties.

    Also I have found that doctors don't want to deal with the patients that seem to have complicated, or difficult to figure out problems. I believe that their comments are often an attempt to make you go elsewhere.

    If I could give you my advice, it would be to disregard the depression comment, and try to get this neuro foused on finding the REAL problem or problems.

    Best wishes
  7. jakeg

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    I truly believe that most docs believe that these are the mirical drug that supposedly cures everything they don't or can't figure out.

    The first thing almost every doc has said to me is you appear to be depressed I'm sure if you take some of these all of your problems will subside(not in those exact words).

    That's when I give them a letter from the phyciatrist that I went to last year to prove there was no depression involved.

    They look at it and say try them anyway and let me know at your next visit in a month.

    Then I tell them just keep them you need them more than I do because I will not be back in a month. I'll be looking for a new doc that is willing to try and find out what's going on.

    These docs should have to suffer with the pain we do for a couple of days and see if they think it's all in their heads then.

  8. starmom

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    I recently saw a rheumy who told me he knew the doc who did the original research with tender points. He said that ALL fibro patients have either been molested or otherwise had difficult childhoods and that causes our problems.

    He also said that only white women have fibro, a study of people who didn't have fibro created fibro patients by making htem think they had it.

    Needless to say, I never returned. I am seeing a doc who specializes in fibro in may.

    So many docs think ADs will solve everything. I hate this.

    Hope you find some other help soon.

  9. mrpain

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    For the most part, I 'm really not to impressed with anti depressants, but out of all the ones I've ever taken in all my years with this disease, Wellbutrin has worked the best.. But after a while it becomes inaffective. But we're all different so that may not be the same for you.
  10. bunnyfluff

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    is that the "worst" of my symptoms happen to coincide with the deaths of both of my parents- HOWEVER- my Celiac's had gone undiagnosed for 9 YEARS at that point and I had been sick for a long time, and my body just couldn't take any more! My whole small intestine had been destroyed!!! It JUST SO HAPPENED to be about the same time.

    So, they try to link the major life problems, which believe me weren't helping, but I am over that now, trust me on that. My parents were 83 YO, had a good life, etc., and that is not why I STILL HURT!!!!!!!

    I had felt so relieved when I had gotten the diagnosis of the Celiac's, because I thought "okay, I can change my diet and everything will be okay again. This is the answer I was looking for! I'm going to be okay!" But it didn't happen. Too much damage had been done to my body. It's like they still don't want to listen to that part. They will ask if I still eat wheat. My God, if it almost killed you would you eat it???

    I am excited to try the Wellbutrin, tho. I read about it, and it works totally different than anything else I've tried- using dopamine & norepinephrine vs. seratonin. Some extra dopamine couldn't hurt, right?

    I still think there's more to it than that.....