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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by emiltim, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. emiltim

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    I have an appointment with a neuro. next month (or as soon they get a cancellation). I have a reumy that I am not impressed with, and a GP that is good. But a guy that i work with has MS, and said that my symptoms sound exactly like what he has gone through. Worth checking out I guess, especially if they can slow down the progression.
    My reumy said that FM is not a 'progressive condition', but this sure is getting worse, and worse as the years, months, days go on.

    Does anyone else see a neurologist? What kinds of questions should I ask? I need to make a list to take with me, because most of the time I'm doing well to just remember my name.
    Thanks, -Julie (I think that's it.)lol
  2. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    I am like you and wonder if I should see a neurologist. My internal medicine doctor has never mentioned it but I have seen a rheumotologist which didn't help whatsoever. He just told me that there was no cure for FMS and that you pretty much have to learn to live with it. I too am getting worse. I have had to quit my job of ten years and find that just getting thru everyday is getting harder and harder. I also understand the problem with remembering anything. Somedays is worse than others. Good luck with the neurologist and let us know what you find out there.
    Sorry I couldn't help with what to ask him.
  3. emiltim

    emiltim New Member

    Ha, ha...I like your name! That is my 3 year old's name least that's what I call him most of the time. ;)
  4. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    The neurologist will look at things that have to do with the central nervous system / connecting systems, etc. / like what you described such as memory deficit problems, or dizzy spells, or tingling in extremities or other unusual sensations / burning in feet, etc. The tests will help determine if there are any physical reasons for the problems like disruption of the signals through the nervous system.

    Don't be surprised if there is nothing found after the testing as that isn't unusual for FMS.

    If there is a physical reason / i.e. MS, then most likely FMS could be ruled out. Although, a person can have MS and FMS as well.


    Good luck and keep us posted! I've also thought about going to a neuro ...
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  5. DLsGroovyMoM

    DLsGroovyMoM New Member

    I am seeing a "specialist" in FM but have some major questions and concerns reguarding his treatments. I worked for a nuro for a number of years and I trust him with my life and we are good friend. I saw a number of FM patients come through his office over the years however I realize it is not something he is proficient in. I am going for his professional and personal opinion...and I also know that he does not mind treating pain, which while I am not looking to be a pill head I do need some help. I would like to see a reumy but none here will take without a referall...and since my GP dropped me for going to the FM guy I don't have anyone to send me...maybe the neuro will...or I am sure he will...I know you don't have the same point is...I think it would be a good idea as there are lots of neuro type symptoms and it never hurts to have things checked out...I see here that most people go through many docs b4 they find one that will really work with them and be empathic to them
    yes take a list...can't remember my name etiher! I would outline symptoms in order of severity keeping in mind that any dealing with neruo symptoms would be his main conern.
    btw...mine is next month...and on the cancel list too...however if he knew that his "new" staff put me off taht long he would be mad...he really misses me working for him but I just can't handle the load right now, I left when he was in another office with a witch of a manager now he has his own office and begs me to come back anytime I see him...maybe if I get better!
    Good Luck
    Keep us posted
  6. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Make sure he or she has a copy of your medical records....It really helps....Have an upper and lower EMG...I do not have MS she did find some other problems and we are working on what I hope will be a fix.

    Also make a list of every little spot were you have pain .

    Good Luck .....Sue
  7. june-bug

    june-bug New Member

    My neurologic symptoms are prevalent. I have more nerve pain and burning than I have muscle soreness. The very 1st neurologist I saw looked at my MRI and bloodwork, did an exam
    and said I dont have a neurological disease like MS,etc. Nothing that I would need him for. I was astonished. I asked if burning, tingling numbness, cognative problems etc. werent neurological, then what were they?? I got a 2nd opinion from a neurologist in San Francisco who suggested that if I werent on such a mission and stopped pursuing this it may suddenly go away. He did suggest a reumatologist , though. I saw her and got a dx of fibro and lyme disease.Because my neuro symptoms are so bad lately, my Dr. suggested I see the first guy again for a follow up scince its been 2 years and I have diagnosis' that I didnt have before. He looked at me today as if to ask "Why are you here wasting my time?" The appt was an exact repeat of last time
    and I left in tears again. PLEASE dont hope for too much with the neurologist. If they dont see anything on your tests, they cant help you. Youll get an MRI and if you dont have epileptic seizures or any thing hell send you away.
  8. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Have seen a neurologist. Most likely he will order an MRI because that is one way that they can see if MS is present (they see something like white plague in your brain)

    It is a good idea to rule out all possibilities, I am doing the same thing too
  9. emiltim

    emiltim New Member

    Thank you all for your advice...Amy, you are lucky to know someone that might actually listen. ;)
  10. lisadot

    lisadot New Member

    Hi Julie,
    Bladder function wise worse? Pin and needles worse wise? They'd have to check you with an MRI to see if you have MS, and often they do spinal taps. They'd do cognitive (memory and mental functioning)tests to see if you have problems. Is your gait (walk) changing? Have you had vision loss?

    I hope it's not MS. Everything I've learned, and read, indicate FMS is NOT progressive. I wish I knew the blood panels they run for MS. I do work with neurologists, but have little experience with the doc who has mostly MS patients.

    Take care,

  11. cindy41

    cindy41 New Member

    I started with this illness in 1992, have had seen a few different types of docs, with no clear answers. I finally called a local hospital and asked if they could recommend a doc who treated CFS. I saw him and he said could be CFS and could be MS. Off to the neuro I go. A MRI and spinal tap and dx'ed with benign and/or mild MS. The neuro left the practice and her associate said not MS. Just saw a new neuro last week, as neuro symptoms seem to be getting worse. Another MRI next Friday. Who knows? I am still looking for some answers.
  12. JerseySue

    JerseySue New Member

    I just had an appt on Thursday with a neurologist I saw 2 yrs. I explained to him the trouble I was having and that it has essentially gotten worse since last I saw him.Two yrs ago he felt it could be myopathy from Graves which seemed feasible.
    I have constant numbness in my feet, my right arm, ect.....frequent urination especially at night....muscle tightness.;
    Fatigue is a major problem too. He said it could be MS or Chronic Fatigue. So I am taking a MRI Wednesday and then have to go back to him to have tests called VEP(visual evoked potential) and BAEP or BAER....which is the one for auditory evoked potential. Basically over 75 % of people with MS will have abnormal results on these tests.
    They are painless thank goodness. It measures the firing time in the brain.
    I am trying to not get all worked up over any of this. It is what it is....I just have to make sure we are treating the right thing as my rheumy is a sap. The rheumy I think was just humoring me by telling me to go back to the neuro.
    If these come out neg, then I guess I am looking at possibly going to the FFC center in Philly. I hate to waste my time going to another uneducated Dr.
    Good luck.
    Gentle Hugs Sue

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  13. ksev

    ksev New Member

    I had an electro test by my neuro. Shocked me in so many places up and down my body. Final diag. FM I had had spinal taps,MRI's /cat scans for the stabbing pain up and down my spine and burning all over my back. I am now trying vicodin and neurotoin. The vicodin helps more than anything. I see myh neuro. this Wed.for a month ck. up. Many questions to ask him. I do hope you get the help you need. I have been trying for 10yrs.
  14. posey1

    posey1 New Member

    I can see how you can be somewhat confused about which type Dr. to see. I was diagnosed with FMS (18 of 18 tender points) and CFS by Rheumy. She gave me Cymbalta for the depression and burning I had all over my body, got better. However, I kept getting worse with all the wierd symptons. Went to the Neuro and had MRI's done, found out I had larged herniated disc in neck C-6 & C-7, also found out I had several mini strokes in both hemispheres of brain. EMG showed I had pheriphal neurapathy in lower extremities (type 2 diabetic). Needless to say I was happy I followed my mind and also went to the Neuro, I was falling, bumping into walls, memory problems, electrical charge buzzing thru head, word finding problems, you name it. Some with fibro have these same symptons too so hard to determine the origin. So much fatigue all the time. Lost interest in everything. Praying I will get better and have my life back. Neuro has me on Plavix for the strokes and neurontin for the pain. Suggested surgery for the disc problem but too afaid of that right now. If you have any doubt in your mind, do see a Neuro too.

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  15. emiltim

    emiltim New Member

    I also have tremors in my arm, hands, and legs. Now I'm getting occasional twitches in my muscles (really freaks me out). My fatigue has gotted SO MUCH worse over the last couple of months.
    Sometimes I feel like my brain just isn't working something isn't firing like it's supposed to (even more that the fog).
    I am just soooo tired of feeling this way.......-Julie

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