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    I have an appt with a neurologist and I'm super scared. I don't know why. My doctor has on the referral "evaluate for spinal tap"...have you all had one or does this sound weird?

    What can I expect at the appt? I'm so scared and I don't know why. Any help?
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    As far as I know, there's absolutely no reason to suspect MS. All my doctor knew is that I got bit and my neck felt "stiff", like my skin and stuff. Weird sensations in my neck and the rest of my body now...but all she knew was that my neck felt stiff. I read over the symptoms of MS and I don't have any of those really. Can they pick up what bacteria is in your system from a spinal tap or what? Is she jumping the gun here?
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    My llmd said only about 6% of lyme ppl show up positive in spinal fluid. To me its not worth the risk that is involved in doing a spinal puncture. It would be much easier to just have an igenex test done. Sandie