Neurontin and Wellbutrin ?'s

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FMayastigi, May 31, 2003.

  1. FMayastigi

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    I am feeling horrible today so this will be short but it may end up not making any sense. I have been put on neurontin for a long time and now there is the back in forth battle with the insurance and doctors of course. I am having very bad nerve pain and tingling/burning problems and was wondering if any one knoew of anything that might work as well till they get done fighting about the neurontin?
    Does anyone know anything about wellbutrin I have heard that it can give you more energy in the am after taken somuch slepping stuff?
    Thanks for your help.

  2. vinetti23

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    Sorry you are fighting the insurance...ugh... especially because neurontin is pricey. I have been on it for 3 years about. I think klonopin or any of the benzos can be a temporary substitute if you have access to them. I don't know of anything natural that would be an adequate substitute... Some people say pure GABA but I honestly don't know if that passes the blood-brain barrier. It might just break down in the stomach. There's valerian root too but I got a hangover from that stuff...

    Really, I would think any anticonvulsant could temporarily work for you - depakote, Lamictal...but I am not a doctor.

    Wellbutrin is an antidepressant... not sure if it would respond to it in the same way as Neurontin (an anticonvulsant / mood stabalizer / GABA potentiator). Wellbutrin gave me severe headaches... but everyone is different. Also, I think it takes a bit longer to feel the effects than Neurontin. Just something interesting - wellbutrin is the same drug they give to smokers to quit, it's just under a different name - Zyban. I think it has something to do w/ dopamine & making you feel more fulfilled / satisfied / happy. Kinda different mechanism than Neurontin.

    Good Luck - Also, just so you know - many neurologists get free samples of Neurontin or can get access to it from a special medical needs/low income patient program. That might be something to look into as well. (Not that I know what income bracket you are in or anything... but it's just another way to get a small quantity while battling insurance)

    I am surprised your insurance is fighting the neurontin... I'm worried now that mine might do the same. What is their reasoning? There's no cheaper substitute or generic...I dont get it...

    Good luck. Hopefully this helped somewhat.
  3. Applyn59

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    I tried Wellbutrin and took 1/4 to 1/2 of the pills.
    It gave me a lot of anxiety so I couldn't take it.
    I also have rapid heart beat and may be more prone
    to anxiety. The hope was that it would give me
    more energy.

    Good luck,
  4. zggygirl

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    I take it also for never pain, burning, tingling. I asked
    A doctor if anything might help more and he suggested Ultram. I tried it and I like it! (But I still take the Neurontin.)
    It helps all over pain, and gives me energy. It is an opiate and a seritonine reuptake inhibitor. It is also generic so inexpensive.

    I could not take Weelbutrin or any other antidepressents of any class mostly they made me too anxious even if I only took 1/4.

    I am on a program by the drug company that make Neurontin
    though the county health dept. that allows me to get if for reduced cost due to my income.

    I also read on a web site about certain vitamins that help never pain. "A guide to pharmacutical Drugs and the nutrients they deplete" (search for that)
  5. JannyW

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    I have been taking Neurontin for about 8 months for pain/tingling in my hands & arms. I've never had a problem with my insurance covering it ... lucky, I guess.

    Wellbutrin made me extrememly jumpy (muscle spasms) and anxious ... and I don't need to be more anxious!

    Jan ^v^
  6. FMayastigi

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    BC/BS of GA. I was originally put on Neurontin for 2 herniated disk & DDD by an ortho, then they went off my ins. so the other drs took over rx & I have not had a problem until now. the neurontin really works well for me. I got a letter from my ins. co. that sadi if you are taking it for pain you need prior auth. but for seizures you do not. I told my PCP(not very supportinve dr-I am looking) about it & they said they would submit it, so it was the PA that sent it in & only put down FM. It of course was denied, so I am trying to get them to submit it anohter way or have my neurosurgeon but of course eveyone is afraid now because og PREAUTHORIZATION. Thanks for your suggestions and any more. I am going to try the peroxide & epsom salt bath tonite. Hugs Tammy
  7. dhcpolwnk

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    I take both Neurontin and Wellbutrin and, though I'm not sure, I think it's helping me. I take 200 mg of Neurontin at night to help with pain that keeps me from sleeping, another 100 mg in the morning to help a little with daytime pain, and 100 mg of Wellbutrin with my first meal of the day. Although Wellbutrin is an antidepressant the psychopharmacologist I see says it also works on the pain receptors, and it can do that at lower dosages. Since this combination, in addition to buffered aspirin and/or generic extra-strength Tylenol, seems to keep my pain manageable most of the time, I don't want to rock the boat by changing the dosages.

    Neurontin in a higher dose at bedtime made me too unsteady when I get up at night to use the bathroom, but my doc didn't want me to reduce the total daily dosage below 300 mg a day. I guess he was right, because when I thought I was going to be getting off it and started to reduce the dosage gradually, I seemed to have a little more trouble with pain. Nothing dramatic, but I seemed to hurt more often and more badly than before.

    As I recall, when I first started the Wellbutrin, it gave me noticeably more energy. Now, I don't usually notice my energy level. Maybe that's a good thing, because I don't always feel tired. But then I'd had kind of low-level ongoing fatigue for a long time due to my multiple sclerosis. So I may just be used to *that*.

    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that for me, the Neurontin/Wellbutrin combination seems to work better than anything else I've tried.

    Good luck.

    --Laura R.M.

  8. darlee

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    Hi, I take neurontin and wellbutrin plus klonapin am and pm and .50 of zoloft. I couldn't do without the neurontin- its the only med ever to take away alot of the terrible sciatic and ankle pain I have had for ten years. I have been on it for 7 months now and I know the wellbutrin gives me energy and counteracts the drowsiness of the neurontin, plus the wellbutrin counteracts the zoloft as far as lessened sexual responsiveness. I lost 5 lbs, didn't gain anything. My dosages are neurontin-300mg am, afternoon and pm. Wellbutrin 150 am and afternoon 5pm. Klonapin .5mg am and pm. You could ask all my friends and family- I am oriented and alert, but somehow calmer. I am still getting over mono, but everyone is surprised at how I still function. Hey, you can do a search engine and Pfizer drug co and others will give you the neurontin if your insurance doesn't pay if your dr. calls or writes them-also many drs. (mine included have samples). If you are in the US try the free complimentary rx.s from the makers of it.
    take care,
  9. tedebear

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    I take both for over 2 years now. Don't have any ill effects. Perhaps you need to have a bit of patience and let it work into the system. I tried going off them but have severe reactions when I did. I was really hurting.
    Good luck in whatever you choose. Soft teddy hugs.

    DLBRPAC New Member

    Wellbutrin can be very good for depression, fatigue, and brain fog. But, like alot of people, it makes me a bit jittery. I use low does klonopin to counter it. If pain is still an issue, maybe you can try Effexor XR. It is good for depression and, at does of 150 mg and above, has helped some people with pain. I know they give it alot in FM.

    DLBRPAC New Member

    I also forgot, aside from the other antiseizure meds, which can be good, have you tried Elavil?