Neurontin anyone???? Jaci B???? How goes it?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Ponygirl, Aug 11, 2003.

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    So last month when I went in for my refills of Xanax and hydrocodone, my Dr. thought he would give me the Xanax and instead of the hydro, he gave me neurontin. Kinda scared to take this, but do remember Mad wolf had Jaci B on it.. Dr.'s words were ,start slowly ,,,, and as I like my wine at night , be sure to limit it to 2 glasses. So what happens if I have 3???? Also, am starting to jerk myself awake in the middle of the night . Is this myclonic jerking???? Whats it caused from ? Solution? Thank goodness, it doesnt hurt, just is a pain in the ass. Ill take this over the rib cage muscle spasms any day....... Happy Trails, Pony girl
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    Ponygirl, if you do a search on neurontin, you'll find more info than you can imagine.

    I've taken neurontin for years, now take 800 mg at 7:30, followed by another 600 mg at bedtime. Probably could take more. I know others who take much more, but I'm careful not to load up on meds. Neurontin can make you sleepy during the day; that's why I take it all at night.

    A lot of us suffer from myclonic just goes with the territory. I don't know a solution; it just is what it is.
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    I have Restless Leg Syndrome and my doctor gave me Neurontin for it. Hopefully the Neurontin will help the leg jerks you get. Look up Restless Leg Syndrome on a Search here and you'll get lots of info.