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  1. Jan

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    Hi everyone,
    My neurologist put me on low dosage of neurontin and I am slowly building up. The first thing I noticed was that my anxiety and balance problems got better. I am now on 2oomg in the morning and afternoon and 300 mg at night. I will be going up to 300mg three times a day. Next week I go back to the neurologist to see about increasing it more. So far I haven't noticed any pain relief. What dosages have helped you and did it increase your energy?
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    So far, I see no results as far as pain relief, but I, too, have just started. At this time, I take 100 mg. in the a.m. and 200 mg. at night. I take so much for pain and now I am on Prednisone, too, so who knows. I will be seeing the Rheumy and the Neuro soon and I know the Neuro, who put me on the Neurontin, will try to take me off of the Oxycontin. I dread seeing how I'll feel. My PCP was the one who started the Oxy in November for spinal stenosis, bulging discs and joint arthropathy and it has worked like a charm. I only take 20 mg. in the a.m. and 10 mg. at night, which isn't much, but I also take Ultram, Mobic and Soma. I don't think I am having any adverse effects from the Neurontin and I told him I didn't want to take a high dosage because I knew it would contribute to my weight problem~~he agreed and said that it normally only caused increased appetite at high doses that a seizure patient would take.
    I hope it works for you~~
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    It was over 500 mg in a day that I noticed pain relief. In fact, at lower levels than that even my doctor said that she wouldn't expect any pain relief. I was however getting relief from sleeping problems! What a blessing. Anyhow, it was after a couple of weeks and over 500mg that my pain lessened immensely. My pain in my neck and shoulders was severe and had been for 4 years since vertebrae in my neck were broken and discs damaged (I walk, it's very possible after a broken neck and yes, doctors agree that my FMS was trauma induced). The neurontin has really helped the chronic pain!

    Side effects were hard at first. I had a very dry mouth that made it so I couldn't take it in the morning for almost a month until I got used to it and the sensation abated. I also had a weird taste in my mouth. I was somewhat tired too, but that seems to be getting better as well.

    Lastly, my doctor said not to 'freak' about the high dosages. A lot of it doesn't get into our systems and basically goes through the intestines. I think she said about half actually gets absorbed. That's the reason for the high dosages.

    good luck,

  4. Copper2002

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    Hi Jan,

    Hang in there with the dosages. My neurologist said doses at 1800, and in rare cases 2100 mgs is recommended. I'm at 1800, but had to go through some "overload, then back off the dose, then raise it again later" types of changes before settling down at 1800.

    On vacation last year I ran out of neurontin for about a week. Prior to that, I hadn't REALLY noticed any improvements with this med. But, after a week without, WHEW! I was SOOOOOOOOOOO glad to get back on it! The difference in how I felt with and without was VERY apparent when deprived!

    The dry mouth is STILL an issue (after more than a year), so I don't know if that EVER gets better. I do heed the call to drink (water only), though. On the same vacation (I take other dry mouth meds, too) I became seriously dehydrated after only 45 min. without water (in a VERY hot climate), and required IV to get it back up. So, I'm thinking it HAS to be more than just dry MOUTH, but dry INSIDES, too.

    Hope this helps,
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  5. Kimba

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    Neurontin is one of the meds that I take for pain, I take 6oo mg 3X a day and then I also take Topamax 200 mg a day. I find that 85% of my pain is contained, but (and it is a big but) the first month of the side effects felt like they were going to kill me. I ramped up a little too quickly beacuse of the level of pain I was in.

    I hope that it will help your pain, but if it does not ask your doctor about the Topamax, it is an alternative and/or companion to the Neurontin.

    Good luck and try not to ramp up too quickly, the side effects are really not worth it.
  6. klutzo

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    I am withdrawing from Neurontin right now, since it turned me into a stiff, pain-wracked zombie at any dose above 300 at bedtime. I got up to 700 mgs., spread over 3 daily doses, and had to back off. I could barely drag myself out of bed, and didn't have enough energy to walk my dogs. I also gained weight at the rate of 3-4 lbs. per week on it. It made my pain worse, even after 6 weeks. I'm going back to taking regular GABA, as it's a lot cheaper and has no side-effects.
    Topamax can help you lose weight, but it has a much higher side-effect profile, including some very dangerous side-effects. The risk of kidney stones and glaucoma is esp. troubling.
    Make sure you really need the extra drug before taking it. I hope the Neurontin works for you.