Neurontin..dry mouth???

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    I've seen lots of stuff posted about Neurontin side effects. I really don't have any of the big ones, weight gain, hunger, excessively tired (just a little). I do, however, have a horrible time with a dry mouth. It was so bad at first that I refused to take it in the morning. Anyone else with this side effect that they can pin on Neurontin. Other than that it has really helped with sleep (I can dream again!) and pain.

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    I've been on Neurontin for 2 years now. Yes, I do also get the dry mouth. Don't know what we can do for it, lips are dry also. I just use beaucoup amounts of chapstick.
    Lots of soft teddy hugs.
    If you find a solution to the problem, let me in on it.
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    but I have read that it is one of the most commom side effect. I tend to have a dry mouth anyway. I suck on hard candy all of the time. I carry Lifesavers and Worthers in my purse at all times! It helps. And I drink water instead of soda or other sugery drinks. When I switched to drinking only water, my mouth felt a lot better. Patti G