Neurontin for migraine prevention

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tibbiecow, Mar 24, 2003.

  1. Tibbiecow

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    My doctor recommended either topamax or neurontin to prevent my migraines. I chose topamax because of an e-article I read about neurontin's makers exaggerating its effectiveness in off-label uses, including migraine prevention. The drug company was taken to court over this, but not before lots of neurologists got in the habit of prescribing neurontin. Does anyone take neurontin exclusively for migraine prevention, and does it work?
  2. IndigoSC

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    I was on it for awhile, about a year, and it never really did anything at all to be quite honest...and it was so expensive that there wasn't much point in continueing to pay for it, since i don't have insurance. I still got migraines about the same frequency as before i took neurontin, and the same as i do now that i dont take it anymore. I don't have any meds now, but if i do get a really really bad migraine, i can call the my dr. will give me a couple samples of zomig (in the same family as imitrex) which works pretty well for my migraines. But, I don't have any other meds for general pain and the neurontin didn't help that either.... Good luck with the topomax and let us know if it helps at all.
  3. kerrymygirl

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    Did alot for me besides for controling headaches. It is 1 of the best meds I took, It took me awhile to get used to and had to slowly work my way up. It helped myconcentration greatly and the stinging and stabbing I had plus restless leg and many other things I Good Luck we are all different so it is trial and error for sure........ Not a cure but has helped many.

  4. crimsonfox

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    My doctor prescribed it for me after my back surgery, thought it would help the pain down my legs. I took it about 4 days and the inside of my mouth broke out so bad I could barely eat. I told him about this and he recommended I try it again. I waited a couple of months and tried it again, this time it was just a couple of days and it did the same thing thing. But, i have problems with a lot of the med too. Sorry I couldn't help.

  5. Tibbiecow

    Tibbiecow New Member

    to IndigoSC,
    I'm sorry neurontin didn't work for you. I'm glad I tried the topamax iinstead. Lots of side effects but I went from being in bed and useless 4 days a week and taking WAY too many triptans to 2 to 3 triptans a week and maybe a nap or 2 and something for the nausea now. I previously tried 13 or so migraine preventives over the last three years, and finally last year was diagnosed with fibro. I just wanted to warn people that neurontin might not be so effective against migraines.
  6. averilpam

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    I've had migraines fortnightly for years. I started geetting pains in my legs some time ago, and my doctor has just given me a rather vague diagnosis of fm (no tests, just a ruling out of anything else it could be. ) He never suggested the migraines could be related! I'm just beginning to realise how many problems I've had that are could be related to it.
    I recently started using a combination of feverfew, magnesium and Vit B2 (Riboflavin) which seems to be effective in stopping the migraines.( I haven't taken it long enough to be really sure)
    It's available in the USA as Migrelief, but not here in the UK. It's rather expensive and cheaper to buy the components separately. (100mg feverfew, 300mg Magnesium and 400mg B2) I'd be interested to know if anyone else has tried this.
  7. Tibbiecow

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    I tried feverfew but it didn't work. It actually gave me migraines because as I found out later when I was put on guaifenesin that I am sensitive to salicylates (if you want to find out more about guai, do-it helped me tremendously) and salicylates give me migraines. Feverfew contains salicylates as do all herbal supplements. Anyone on guai must strictly avoid salicylates as they interfere with the action of the guai. Most people are not sensitive to the salicylates, though, and I understand that many people have used feverfew quite succesfully to prevent their migraines. BUT GUAI USERS MUSN'T USE IT!!!
  8. paulajo

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    I started taking neurontin last November. 300 mg, then 900 mg, then 1800 mg per day. My headaches were daily, not so bad to put me to bed but bad enough my quality of life was poor. The neurontin worked. I also was diagnosed with sleep apnea and started using a CPAP machine in Nov. Then in Jan. I decided I was healed and needed to wean myself off of the Neurontin so I called the doc and he reduced me gradually to 0. 2 wks. later the headaches came back. I am back on 1200 mg. per day with some relief but I have been having injections in the trigger points in my neck and head area to reduce the bad pains. The injections are a small dosage of steroid plus deadener. My husband is leary of the injections but I need relief!!!!

    So far so good and I'm not sure I will stop taking it again. Yes, it is expensive. My tab was $437.00 for 3 mos. I do have insurance, thank goodness.


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