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  1. Treca

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    Just curious if there is anyone out their that takes Neurontin/Gabapentin for their pain and that's it? No narcotic's. No Tramadol/Ultram. Absolutely nothing else for the pain?

    I'm on 1 600mg tab 3x a day and it does dull the pain, but doesn't take it away. I'm trying to get to a place where I don't have to take any narcotics and take something that won't do so much damage to my body. Is that even possible? Has anyone had this problem and found a combination that is not 15 pills a day. I was on Methadone and it worked very very well for me. I took it twice a day 10mg. I NEVER needed anything else for pain and the only other thing I took was Lunesta which as been a life saver for me with sleep. I got off of the methadone to see if anything else would work and it's just driving me nuts having to take all of these meds and still having the constant ache that just drives you batty you want to pull your hair out.

    So far Methadone has been the only thing that I could take that made it so my life was back to normal and I didn't have to worry about the pain coming back if I played with my son or went out anywhere. I want my life back to where I rule my pain and not the pain ruling me.

    Any body that has something working for them that doesn't take so many pills a day and doesn't have to worry about break thru pain constantly please let me know.

    I know that everyone is different, but I respect everyones opinion as well as the doctor I have now. She wants to know what you guys say and she is willing to work with me on this and if we find that nothing is working as well as the Methadone has then she will put me back on it.

    Here is the rundown on the things I have taken:

    Vicoden...(Not strong enough for some reason)

    Hydrocodone...(started noticing that it gave me an euphoric feeling and got off of it right away)

    Duragesic Patch...( was up to 75mg patches every 2 days and was having way to much break thru pain to often)

    Celebrax...(didn't work at all)

    Ultram...(didn't work enough)

    Oxycontin...(knocked me for a loop never going back to that)

    Cymbalta...(worest headaches of my life)

    Nortriptyline 25mg 1 a day ...(just started about a month ago have no idea if it is working or not)

    Baclofen 10mg 6 a day...(just started about a month ago and works a little bit)

    Tramadol 50mg 6 a day...(just started about a month ago and works well with the Baclofen, but have a lot of break thru pain when I'm active.)

    and last but not least the newest thing I'm taking is the

    Neurontin/Gabapentin 600mg 3x a day. (just started a week ago and it dulls the pain, but still have the ache that drives us all nuts.)

    Sorry for being long winded, but would really love to hear your input about this.

    I have to come to rely on this site for new meds and different approaches to help with the pain from this site and it's all because of you. So I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


    Also just one more thing.

    My father was taking Neurontin and supposedly it rotted his teeth. This is what his doctor said was the cause of his teeth rotting. Do any of you know about this or know someone who has had this happen to them as well. I told my doctor about it and she thought that was the weirdest thing and said that she has a lot of Fibro patients that are on Neurontin and are doing great on it and that their teeth are fine. She said that it might be just a rare case. Any comments? Thanks again! Ok, all done now :)

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  2. Treca

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    I don't understand it either. The docs I've seen here say "You don't treat Fibromyalgia with Methadone"...and HYDROCODONE and DURAGESIC PATCHES...ETC...IS ANY BETTER?? I hate when they say "TREAT" you are not treating the Fibormaylagia because there is no cure. You are just controlling the pain and other symptoms you may have with meds so you an hope to live your life the way you did before this happened to you.

    I just hate taking to many pills, but agreed to try some new things to see if they work as well as the methadone or better. If it doesn't and I have to much break thru pain I'm going back to Methadone. If my doc changes her mind about it then I'll just find another doctor.

    It's my life and I refuse to let a doc who has NO idea how this feels tell me that I can't take the one thing that was like a miracle to me. I could understand if I was abusing the drug, but I have ALWAYS made sure that I didn't. I hate taking meds of any kind anyway, but I have no choice in this. Whenever I feel my self feeling differently and feeling like I need more to get some kind of a high(like with the Hydrocodone) then I tell my doctor and get off the drug no matter what.
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  3. Tibbiecow

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    I have always been willing to give a drug, which has been effective for some patients, (for migraine prevention and fibro) a fair trial. I will only do this under the supervision of a well trained doctor who understands that meds will work and NOT work, for different patients, and who are trying to get me to where I have a life.

    I am 35, and I had my small intestine burst last fall and have been pretty housebound since. I get to town once a week or so, and rest in bed the day after.

    I have been on: Elavil, Pamelor, Propranolol, nadolol, Depakote, Neurontin and Topamax, for migraine, all discontinued because they didn't work. Zomig and other triptans worked but had me in a constant rebound of 4-5 headaches a week. I discontinued Topamax because of a deep depression (despite a high dose of zoloft) and suicidal thoughts. While on these drugs I was told to use two forms of birth control. Dangerous stuff, bad side effects. If they got rid of the migraines so that I had a life, I would have continued them.

    For fibro, I have been on zoloft, flexeril, tramadol, paxil, wellbutrin, klonopin, and finally methadone.

    I have been much happier on the methadone. It worked, and I had a life. Unfortunately, since the surgery my doc won't raise the dose so I can get around more, but at least I have it!

    The side effects of the other drugs are just scary. I wish more doctors would realize that some of their patients, with careful monitoring for proper use, would use methadone or another long-acting opioid so that their patients could get out and have a life.

    I am giving Mirapex a try, I am not sure if I will want to continue it. It is really improving my sleep, but my pain levels are elevated-although my pain threshold is also elevated to about the same degree. And I do have more energy. So we'll see, but this is another drug that has a long and not particularly pretty side effects profile.


  4. Treca

    Treca New Member

    Yes anyone that says Opiates don't work are idiots. I am a testament to that fact.

    I know that I've only had Fibro for 6 years, but dang it I want my life back. I'm tired of doc's looking at me with that "look" you know what I'm talking about.

    The doc I'm seeing now is very nice, but after the last visit I just don't know. I'm willing to try new meds and see if they work, but not if I'm gonna be house bound because of the pain that won't go away. I refuse to take meds that only dull the pain and not take it all away.

    How long should you give Neurontin to work?

    The doc I have now wants me to see a therapist and I know I'm not depressed. I'm just pissed off...pardon my French. I want to play with my son and roll on the floor with him again like I use to when I was on Methadone.

    Anyone else feel this way? You not upset or crying or feeling just feel frustrated and ticked off because doctors can be so stupid and scared to help you?

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