Neurontin (Gabapentin)

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  1. Chloe

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    I have osteoarthritis, FM, and carpal tunnel and have difficulty sleeping because of pain. I'm currently taking Zanaflex (4 mg), Darvocet, Vioxx, and Tylenol Arthritis at bedtime for pain - a cocktail which has worked fairly well - without that mental hangover - until recently. My doctor has just prescribed Neurontin (300 mg) to also be taken at bedtime for the additional pain. I'm confused about what I've read about this drug. It appears that it is FDA approved for seizures but that the manufacturer has been promoting it for off-lable uses. I am unable to find a listing of side effects or possible harmful reactions and/or interactions. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about Neurontin (generic: Gabapentin)? I would appreciate your help!
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    Hi,Chloe,I was on it a couple years ago.I can't remember the dosage or how often I was taking it,but I sure didn't like the side effects.Felt like someone slipped me a mickey in my drink.People at work were asking me what I was one.My response,Something,my quack doctor prescribed.I quit going to him,not long after that.I have bad side effects from alot of different types of medicines,doctors have given me,exspecially,anti-depressents.They all scare me.I am not trying to scare you.I am just telling you my experience.After my experience,I looked it up and found out,too,that it was originally given to people who have seizures.That scared me even more.Wishing you all the luck in the world.Take Care! Beth
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    I am on Neurontin now and it has been a real godsend for me, because I couldn't sleep even on Trazadone at night. It also helped immensely with the hotflashes I was experiencing in the past year (47 years old). (There was a TV broadcast news story in the past 2 months on the benefit of Neurontin for hot flashes.) The Trazadone at night was enough to help me sleep until I started Strattera during the day (for my ADD); that made the insomnia really bad. But Neurontin helps with the pain a bit too, though it certainly doesn't wipe it out. (I wish!)
  4. Mtnflower

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    I've been taking neurontinin for over a year now and have had no side effects. It doesn't make me tired or anything. It does haelp some with the paiin but it certainly doesn't stop it. It's just one of those drugs that have other uses. That should not be looked on as a bad thing. Good luck!
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    I am new to this board, so if I mess up, please excuse me. I finally started on Neurontin a few weeks ago. I was extremely reluctant to try it because of its 'seizure' rep; however, it has worked well for me. My pain specialist, which is a God-send, started me on 100 mgs once a day for three days, then 100 mgs twice a day for three days, etc. He is working me up SLOWLY to a 900 mgs max. When I got up to 700 mgs, I started to feel a little spacey, so I called my doc and he said hold at 600 mgs for a couple more weeks and then I can try to increase by 100 mgs. a day. That works for me! I have asthma, advanced degenerative disk disease, and fibromyalgia. I am sleeping better at night. I also take oxycontin, oxycodone for break through pain, celexa, albuterol inhaler and prevacid. Hope this helps! Good luck to you!
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