Neurontin + Magnesium: Bad Combo?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pearls, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. pearls

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    Last night I read in one of Dr. Starlanyl's books that some magnesium can block the effects of Neurontin. While she suggests consulting your pharmacist, I wonder if some of our health professionals or other knowledgeable members might be able to elaborate on this subject.

    I recently started taking additional magnesium, but I'm on a sizeable daily dose of Neurontin, too. I'm also currently flaring, but thought an onslaught of visitors was the cause of that. Perhaps my magnesium is blocking at least some of the effects of my Neurontin and was at least partly responsible for my flare.

  2. Carlacat

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    I take neurontin and tried the mag and it made me worse and sick to my stomach. I've found out I cant take alot of things like Vitamin C tabs or flax oil...I'm just messed up.
  3. kuntryhart

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    how much Neurontin are you taking, and what are you taking the magnesium for...I was on Neurontin, and my Dr. switched me to Gabitril. It's working much better for me. I've considered taking Magnesium to regulate my heart. kuntryhart
  4. Seagull

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    it appears that both the drug maker and pharmacists recommend a span of 4 or so hours between the two, because magnesium can affect how the Neurontin works.

  5. pearls

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    I am taking magnesium because I have read in Teitlebaum's book that it is low in the average American diet and it is critical for our muscles' and body's strength and energy. He said that as long as our magnesium is low, our muscles will stay in spasm and our fibromyalgia will not resolve. He also suggested that those of us with FMS may have difficulty getting it into our cells.

    But I'll also admit that I did not read it very carefully - that I just happened to be at the drugstore when they had a special on magnesium so I bought it - no thought as to what kind of magnesium it might be.

    I suspect that the type of magnesium might be the key to its safety with Neurontin. for instance, the kind I bought is 250 MG of a combination of magnesium oxide and magnesium gluconate with some magnesium stearate added. The bottle does not specify how much of each kind was in the tablet. For a few days, I took two of the 250MG tabs per day.

    In addition, I'd been taking a calcium/magnesium tablet twice a day already. Just now I noticed that the magnesium (magnesium oxide)level is 134 MG. Of that, I was taking two of the mag tabs per day, for a total of 768 MG of supplimented magnesium.

    As if that were not enough, I thought to look at my multi-vitamin/mineral tablet, and found an additional 100MG of magnesium in a combination of magnesium oxide and magnesium searate for an even larger daily total of 868MGs! I think this is most likely too high.

    Now, on top of that 858 MG mixed-up magnesium, I was - and still am - taking 1500MG Neurontin per day. The time span thing is useful to me, but I take my Neurontin morning, noon, and dinner time, so getting the magnesium 4 hours away from the Neurontin will be problematic. Don't we need to take food with the magnesium?

  6. Carlacat

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    my computer was down. I take 3000 mgs of neurontin a day. The way it made me feel I am afraid to take it again.