Neurontin & Nexium, etc? Need urgent answer - Thanks

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    I have been diagnosed with a stomach condition which requires treatment. The problem is that all the meds that treat it are magnesium. I read on this board that magnesium blocks Neurontin entirely from doing it's job and should not be taken at all. I read in the PDR that Magnesium based meds reduce the stomach absorption of Neurontin but it says nothing about not taking them at all.

    Nexium is a long acting capsule as are most of the stomach meds. Thus, trying to adjust times of dosing would not work. Also, the Nexium is making me very sleepy (a rare effect).

    Can one of you board members, researchers, MDs, Nurses, or PRNs tell me whether I should take more neurontin to balance the absorption as I have to take some med for the stomach and all are magnesium. Is there a Med for Gerd that is not magnesium? I also have SCHWAZKI'S Ring.

    Does the amount of magnesium in a Nexium 20 mg. actually block all of the Neurontin's effect? He started me on 40mg, but I can't handle the sleepiness of that dose.

    My Gastro Doctor doesn't seem to think my concern about magnesium blocking all of the neurontin is valid. It is difficult to get an opportunity to speak with him due to our conflicting schedules.

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    HI..I don't know much about when to take the drugs you mentioned. I take Prilosec and recently started taking magnesium. I had a hemmorage in my stomach last March. Was told to take my prilosec half hour before breakfast and half hour before supper. But I have to take it just before bedtime or else wake up several times with heart burn. After that lulu of a test, I was told I have PRE-Cancerous sells. Now what about that? Sounds like being a little bit pregnant. LOL. I've had GERD for many years. Had surgery but didn't do any good. Now I hear that it seldom does..Why didn't they tell me that!! Will be tested again in March, but don't feel so good now and think I should be tested now. But I've decided this DD is not ging to win...I'm stronger and smarter than that. Sorry to carry on so long,just wanted to vent..Mary
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    No magnesium in Nexium or Prilosec or any of the PPI's that I am aware of?

    If anything Nexium would increase the effect of the Neurontin, as it does with say Diazepam. It should have negligable interaction.

    I take my Nexium at night for the same reason as you--it can make you tired. I awake feeling GREAT!
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    Thank you all for such prompt replies. I think that since the 40mg made me so sleepy I will ask him to change it to 20mg and go back to taking the Nexium since none of you mentioned that Nexium is a type of Magnesium that would block the Neurontin and I understand your explanations of how it works.

    Honestly, the Nexium sedated me so that I wet the bed. I assume the other sedating meds that I take had something to to do with. I tried stopping my sleeper and that made no noticible difference. I changed from morning to night becaue of daytime sleepiness. After a few nights of loss of bladder control I quit taking it and started studying the adverse reaction and interaction issues. Bladder issues are mentioned as adverse actions and so is the sleepiness and sleep disorder. They are among the rare effects. I was so sleepy that I could barely stay up during the day. I actually slept several times during the day )if I got near a chair or bed I was in it and asleep LOL).

    Thanks again and take good care everyone. I feel a lot safer about taking the Nexium now. I am early stage but had begun to get flu like symptoms every couple of months. I decided that I couldn't be getting the flu with vomiting that often. They did the "great probe" test and found my stomach damaged by acid. I had none of the normal symptoms such as heartburn and acid reflux.

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    This is very useful info for all of us who take multiple drugs. I tend to take all of mine by the handfull, too. I try to take the Nexium, Neurontin, and ABX as close to the same time every day as I can. Otherwise, I get the supplements down as best I can, when I can....

    Thanks again for this articulate explanation.