Neurontin or Effexor and weight gain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chinlover, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Chinlover

    Chinlover New Member

    Anyone have a big appetitie increase using Neurontin or Effexor? I have recently been placed on both and have had major hunger lately.
  2. lil_angel1198

    lil_angel1198 New Member

    was on Nuerontin for his bipolar. He gained a lot of weight with it. It was a pretty sudden gain too. He craved a lot of candy and sweets while he was on it.

    He's been off of it for about 2 years, and it was replaced with Topomax, which he lost weight on and has been off all meds for a year now.
  3. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    I have been on effexor for 1 year. I lost weight for a while, but I have been having cravings for sweets and I have gained some (about 10 lbs) over the last few months.

    I think it is different for everybody, cause my neighbour gained 80 lbs in less than a year on it (!), which is why I didn't want to try it at first.

    What really had me gaining appetite and food was elavil.

    Anyway, Effexor has been a good drug for me.

    Good Luck
    Sue in Ontario

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