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    The pain mgt. doc. gave me Lorcet 10 8 months ago (4 per day). I have FMS and degenerative bone disease, myofascial syndrome plus permanent injuries to rt. ankles, foot, knee and wrists. I was in a bad wreck 3 yrs. ago. Anyway, now they put me on in adjacent w/ the Lorcet, Neurontin. Starting me out 1 at morning, 1 at lunch and 3 at bedtime. Each pill is 100 mg. Well I'm suppost to work up to 9 per day!!! WOW!! Will I ever get use to the groggyness in the day over just 1 twice per day? Does it help the Lorcet 10 do better? Is it like a enhancement to keep the Lorcet working longer? Because the Lorcet 10 just works for 3 hrs. and for my major FMS flares and fatigue... and the 10 day menstral fatigue pain and cramps and headaches the Lorcet was not enough. Right now I feel real good...I took the Neurontin 100 mg. at 9:45 am and then waited 1 1/2 hr. to take the Lorcet. It kicked in real good. My pain is nagging where I have the damage in my knee and ankle. Any comments? Thanks Pamela P.S. It is great for sleeping!!! Finally some real rest.
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    I think you'll get used to the Neurontin. It took me awhile too. They started me on 300mg. x 3 day! I felt so drunk I couldn't get up! So I started 100 mg. 3 x day and now my body has adjusted so well, I have to take it every 4 hours or the pain comes back. I also take it with Ultram and Vicodin and I noticed a lot less pain after adding the Neurontin. But it took about 3 days till the drunkenness and grogginess wore off. Keep it up, I think you'll like it.