Neurontin...Your dosage?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by donnadb, Apr 3, 2003.

  1. donnadb

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    I have been taking 300mg of neurontin for about a month and a half with virtually no results. I think my doc has me on too low of a dose. Most posts I read say that people take dosages in the thousands of milligrams. Please list your dosage and in what way it is helping you.

  2. Achy-shaky

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    Hi Donna,
    Sounds like that's the usual amount they start you out at. I started with 300mg at bedtime but my nerve pain was so bad I asked for more so now I'm on 600 at bedtime, 200-300 twice a day, depending on pain level. It really helps me keep the nerve pain I have in arm that nothing else helped. It also acts as a mood stabilizer. You may experience some dizziness or weird feelings when you increase but it should pass in a few weeks...everyone reacts differently.

    Hope that helps and hope the increase will help you.
  3. Betty50victor

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    My doc also started me on 300mg (1) at bedtime. But after a month or two (fibro-fog) I told him that I notice nothing different. He had also started me on Nortriptyline (10mg) one at nite. Since I told him no difference on both meds. he raised the Nortriptyline to 2 at bedtime. THEN a week later I started taking 1 Neurontin in a.m. and 1 at bedtime.
    Well, when I started on the neurontin in a.m. I was like "stoned" for 2 to 3 days. Couldn't drive even if I had wanted to.
    Well, now leveled out and feel exaxtly the same as I did before doubleing everything.
    Don't know what this stuff is supposed to do but, to me, it obviously isn't helping the pain, stiffness, etc.........
    Don't know if this'll help but just my experience.
    Hugs to you and everyone on here, Betty
  4. Tibbiecow

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    I was supposed to go on neurontin to prevent migraines but I didn't because I found a website citizen dot org slash eletter slash articles slash neurontin dot htm

    I have heard it helps people with nerve pain but not people with migraines.

    this will put you off too probably. The makers of neurontin got sued because they exaggerated their claims as to what neurontin could do and they paid doctors to say they published studies when they didn't.
  5. birdgirl

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    I have been taking Neurontin for about 2 years and have been on 600mg 2tabs TID. That is the upper dosage of 3600mg Daily. I have weaned myself off it for a couple months but quickly found that I could not function well without it.
    It has helped me tremendously and it is the only med I take without complaint. I do not like to take medications.
    It is my neurologist who prescribes this and I am totally confident in his treatment of me.

  6. Carlacat

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    I started out at a low dose and now I'm taking 1800 mgs a day. Just giving this info...
  7. TNhayley

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    I started taking Neurontin 600mg at bedtime about two weeks ago. The first morning I woke up and was amazed at the tremendous relief of stiffness. I was quite woozy for the first couple days, was about to say this was not for me ... but it's getting better each day as I adapt to it. Still slightly woozy in the am. My PT said she could feel the difference in my muscles. For those of you who have had problems with Neurontin ... Pregabalin is a cousin to Neurontin and will be available relatively soon. It's exciting news as it is one of the first drugs to be developed specifically for FMS. Articles on Pregabalin can be found here on ImmuneSupport.

    Best wishes,
  8. turtis

    turtis New Member

    1800 mg per day for me, working well

  9. healing

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    I take 300 mg in the morning and then 800 around 7:30 pm, followed by 3-400 at bedtime. I can't take it during the day, although docs want me to. Just can't function if I take it after lunch, which is my normal "crash" time.
  10. Joey2276

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    There's a CFS specialist named Dr Jay Goldstein and he uses up to 5,000 mg of neurontin per day I believe. This was 5 years ago when I was a patient of his. I should also point out that he is a bit of a merverick doctor but he has tons of experience in treating CFS with pharmecueticals. For me it didnt do anything but I remember it helped some other patients.

  11. dhcpolwnk

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    I started out with 100 mg of Neurontin at bedtime and gradually built up to 300 mg. At 200 mg, I seemed to start sleeping a *little* bit better, but when I went to 300 mg, I found I wasn't sleeping any better, but my coordination was very bad when I woke up in the middle of the night (e.g., to use the bathroom). So my doctor suggested that I go back to 200 mg at night but take another 100 mg in the morning. After that, there didn't seem to be any improvement; so my doctor told me to just use up whatever I had left but not to renew it. (I extended the time the remaining Neurontin would last by reducing the dosage gradually.)

    Meanwhile, the doctor tried me on Elavil (for pain control and to help with sleep). He started me out at must 10 mg once a day. The Elavil didn't seem to improve things, and I gained 3 pounds in a week! Needless to say, I didn't want to stay on the Elavil.

    Then my doctor wanted me to try Wellbutrin, which he said was like Elavil in its ability to help with pain. Of course, Wellbutrin can cause insomnia, which I *don't* need, but taking 100mg just once a day, I seemed to be okay. Then I noticed something that somebody on this board had written about Wellbutrin and Neurontin working well together.

    I called my doctor, and we decided I should stay on the 100 mg/day of Wellbutrin and 300 mg/day of Neurontin (200 mg at bedtime, 100 mg in the morning).

    I'm not completely pain free, by any means, and I still don't think I'm getting enough Stage 4 sleep, but things seem to be better than they were.

    For whatever it's worth, that's been my experience with Neurontin.

    --Laura R.M.
  12. Annie06

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    I have been on Neurotin now since the beginning of the yr. and my Dr. started me on 100mg twice a day and slowly worked me up to 300mgx3 three times a day. At first all I did was sleep for the first few wks. But it certainly has helped with my pain. You have to start slow.....

    Annie 06