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  1. BronzeWomn

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    OKAY, I went to the doctor today and she decided to let me try this medicine called NEURONTIN. I need to know if anyone has been on it and did it work. for them? Are there any horror stories.? I don't need nothing to make me sleep like a zombie, nor gain weight, or be consipated anymore. I have read some of the side effects. But you all would know best. I trust you all here and sometimes the doctors can be dehonest about things. I am suppose to take one -half of a 400mg pills per day. I will start this pill on tommorrow, but I will delay it until i hear from u all {jan 3l,2006}. Also is this habit forming and can u just stop taking this pill if it doesnt work? My doctor said that its not habit foarming. I found out the last time she wasn't tellin me the truth.
  2. Cactuslil

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    My rheumy put me on neurotin from the start; I just suffered through the side effects ie. blurred vision.
    Now there is a new gaba product. So far no side effects.

    Works for me but don't I couldn't explain adequately what it does for me, but it does it! CactusLil'
  3. shan1078

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    My Rheaumy just put me on Neurontin, 300 mg's per day. I've been taking it for 2 weeks now. I haven't noticed any side-effects.

    Honestly, I can't tell if it's working or not. I've noticed that I can handle the pain a little better, it kind of nulls the pain.

    Good Luck, Let me know how it works for you!
  4. Time4aNap

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    I started taking Neurontin about 6 months ago and, like you, I was apprehensive at first. I did tons of research and heard plenty of horror stories in the process. I went ahead and started taking 100mg of Neurontin 3x a day and I have had no weight gain, or other side effects.

    Neurontin is the best thing that's happened for my drug therapy in a long time. No more headaches, no more anxiety, no more insomnia and significantly reduced daytime fatigue. I am up to 300mg/3x day, but even that is a fairly low dose. Theurapeutic doses can be as high as 3,000-4,000mg day.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  5. blkkat

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    ive been on it for over a year, you'll have to pry it from my dead bodies hand before i'll stop taking it! it helps my tingling/numbness buzzing in arms /legs! but can only go

    on 400mgs a day (very low dose dr. says) because i get VERY FOGGED OUT!!! so bad not safe to drive but i 'm one of those people who cant take anything norm people can take.

    i tried 3 diff. times in the past year just taking 300mgs a day and after just 3 days you'd thought i'd gone to HELL!! i couldn't believe the pain i was in !!! good luck!


  6. BronzeWomn

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    Well, thats 4 out of me with good reports I guess I'll try it i start today. with a half of a 400mg dose per day. Most meds dont work for me either or just a while and stop working so maybe this one wwill be good for me. I have a odd body. I guess its ole fashion..LOL Thanks u all.
  7. guardianangel54166

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    I started low dose 300mg AM and 300mg at night. I was also on amytriptylin at bedtime. I had daytime sleepiness for a while, but it passed. Just saw the doc last week to adjust. The burning in my hands and the pin pricks throughout my body were nearly gone, but I still have deep joint pain. Last week the doc stopped the amytriptylin and upped the neurontin to 600 at bedtime and stayed at 300 am. I have noticed less AM pain and am able to move more easily, but very sleepy during the day. I suspect that in 2-3 weeks this should pass. Neurontin has been the only thing to give me great relief and I feel it's worth waiting out the side effect.
  8. laura81655

    laura81655 New Member

    It does have a nick-name of "Morontin" because it can cause forgetfulness, foggy thinking. That is what I hate the most about it. But, everyone reacts differently.

  9. sunshine54

    sunshine54 New Member

    Neurontin helps dull the nerve endings. I started taking it in 4/04. I take 2 100 mgs. 3 times a day and then a 300 mg. at bedtime along with a Klonopin and a Restoril.

    Yes, it does cause a tad bit of fogginess and forgetfulness, but that's what I have hubby for LOL!

  10. BronzeWomn

    BronzeWomn New Member

    Catus, now iam confused here. You said its a new drug that gaba has out. My drug dictionary says that GABAPENTIN is the brand name. My doctor and the fibromayliagia brochure has the word NEURONTIN in it [drug} Now when my husband brought it from the pharmacy on the paper it said GABAPENTIN 400mg tablets..

    My question is this the new med the GABAPENTIN {NEURONTIO} or is there a newer drug out?
  11. sdown

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    Ive been on neurontin for 4 year. Im slowly coming off it. Doc gave me 3 pills a day (100 mg each). Doc said it was to help with my irritability, negativity and lack of focusing and concentration. Because I had high metal toxicity my brain was very agitated. I had mercury, aluminum, arsenic and nickel in my blood. Doc said it was a very toxic combination. The neurontin helped alot. You have to come off it very slowly. Im down to 1 pill a week. Noticed a little bit more brain fog but not too bad coming off the stuff.
  12. BronzeWomn

    BronzeWomn New Member

    Hi shan and all its working good so far i have been on 400mgs for4 days now, i have notice nice painLESS changes. I have a little pain in my back but i am use to pain..its only chump small i hardly notice until i try and lift heavey things. i a little worried about the constapation,,cause of my ibs..i dont kow if i want the dr to go up i dont want to become more constipatied. Anyway I like it. I can get up and my muscles and bones aren't stiff and i have NO PAIN,,thats the good part I can get up early in the morning and not dragg and hate getting myself together.This is great, cause most meds my body wont accept...or its the side effect..thank God of this NEURONTIN. Be blessed.
  13. kbak

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    You said your doc put you on a new GABA drug. What is the name of that drug? Have you or anyone else had trouble getting off of neurontin? Side effects like not being able to sleep?

  14. cjr2003

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    Hi :>) Definetly try the Neurontin!! Everyone's body is different, so one can't say for sure how your body will react to it, but just from my experience with it, I would recommend it to all! I took it for years, and wondered just how much of an impact it was making on my well being since they switched my meds alot and it was hard to keep up with which med was actually doing the good results, but I will tell you this - I went off the Neurontin 7 months ago, and gracious can I tell a difference in my all over well being. We were trying for a baby up until recently, so I had to drop it. You have to go off of it slowly though. I was told a person could have seizures if you just abruptly stopped taking it. I could only take 750 mg total daily; the only side effect that was really noticeable was it made me real tired if I took a higher dose than this - contributed to fibro-fog more. But, it helped with my migraines alot and it helped with the nervous disorder symptoms from the fibro. Since going off it,my nerve endings are so sensitive, and I itch from head to toe constantly; hurts to brush my hair because my scalp is so sensitive. S-times it is like I have a funny bone feeling all over - very irritating. The Neurontin suppressed all of those symptoms for me. It is def. worth trying! :>) Good luck to you! LOL Carla oh - one other side effect - it will cause some to gain weight - I gained 25 pounds when I took it, and lost 15 when I got off it.
  15. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I've been on Neurotin (300 mg 3 x day) for a few years.

    This med has helped my fibro pain greatly. I have had no side effects.

  16. BronzeWomn

    BronzeWomn New Member

    Thanks all for you input..u have indeed been helpfulto me. u guys are so wonderful i get good results when i want to know about meds etc here. I have been taking the neroutin about 2 weeks now. It has num alot of my nerve endings and iam greatful for this med. I was in alot of pain thoughtout the day and the shooting needle pain just hitting me all over..i have suffered for many years..and the the doctors couldnt find anything to go with my pray that this continue to help me. I have a little pain sometimes when the weather does dastic changes. I am on only l00mgs aday but i go back to the doctor she will prolly rise it. I guess iam afraid that it may stop workin and i dont want to be on alot of this either cause i have to take my naps alot more and i dont want to become fat..LOL..all i can say is thank u Jesus!!! be blessed.
  17. Cindyvr

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    Hi I have been on Neurontin almost a year. I take 900mg in the am and 1500 mg in the pm. When I first started taking Neurontin I could hardly walk and had spent almost a month in bed. My rheumy put me on Neurontin and I started feeling so much better! I was able to go back to work even though my mind was foggy and still is but I am getting use to it. He told me to up it by 300 mg every month so on the 29th of every month I up it.
    Right now I've had a set back and am at home again and I'm stiff but it was my own fault for over doing it. I am still learning my boundaries and I push because I wanted some miracle drug that put me right back in the game imediately and am learning that is not how Fibromyalgia works no matter what you want.
    I guess my point is..I love Neurontin but don't push it because it works in our limits and not when you over do. I think it just sorta expands our boundaries some.
    Hope it works great for you!!
  18. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Itake 1800mg a day and I did gain 50 lbs on it .I dont care about the weight as long as I can feel better.

  19. petesdragon

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    I was scared to take neurontin at first because it was for seizures but finally took it and the improvement in pain relief was indescribile. However the last few years I have fallen a lot, and two of my doctors thought Neurontin was the problem so my doctor cut me back from 600 to 300 in the am and still 600 at night. a couple of months later all I could think of was that the world was better off without me because I was useless. I went back to 600 am and 600 pm. Now I am clumsier and more brain fog but at least I want to live. It's a trade-off I am willing to take.
  20. Daisys

    Daisys Member

    I was on Neurontin several years back and remember it being very helpful and without side effects, and went off it without needing it for a long time.
    Lately I started having pain at night again, along with RLS and migraines, and went back on it and started gaining weight so fast I took myself off it again within a week and a half. I'd already put on 10 lbs!
    While I was on it, it did help me sleep. But a pound a day weight gain was a deal breaker. A relative in the health field told me Neurontin is notorious for causing weight gain, but I don't remember it doing that to me before.
    So now I'm taking Mirapex for the restless legs, Midrin as needed, and topamax and I'm losing the weight. I was recently dxed with reactivated EBV so I guess that's why I'm back with all this misery.
    I have appts. for massage and acupuncture and I take detox baths, antiviral herbs, and Vit. C to tolerance every day. So I should start to see improvement soon.