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    I have been taking Valdoxan for 4 months. It's excellent. Excellent for sleep and reduces anxiety pretty much.The downside is that I am loosing weight and I do wanna do that. (it is favorable for females only) Any experience with neurontin? Only at night?

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    the first go around i took neurontin for about a year, then got off of it. i was better and able to work for a while.
    then crashed really bad and tried it again, this time i saw no difference in how i felt. it made me gain weight so i got off of it, i am already overweight and i sure didnt need anymore, it did make me sleep better.
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    I am very sorry that I have had no occasion to contact you but I am unable to secure Valdoxan in addition to my own need. I am still trying to obtain that for you. It is excellent for sleep and anxiety. I would rather try that instead of marijuana. Even if you pay the full price (cca 60,-USD) plus some postal costs, social security monitors my medications. I take doubble dosage and so I cannot get another prescription even if I do not claim state subsidy.

    I suppose you do not have appetite bc you are overstimulated (anxious), probable do not sleep, etc. I would avoid reboxetine which would further stimulate you without any benefit.

    Try out Nexavir, low dose remeron (7,5mg) first. Later, if you can obtain Valdoxan be aware that it interferes with Remeron. (I still take both but keep the dosage (R) low)