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    hi all i have fibromyalgia,my doc has changed my med 2 neurotin,has any body else taken this and does it work also i heard it makes u gain weight
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    I have neuropathy in my feet. I took it for about 2 months and saw no benefits. I had read from other posters that a cream made with Neuronton helped them. You need a medium that will mix well and will absorb. There is a specific product for that purpose but I don't remember what it is called. The tablets are crushed, mixed and applied to the area of pain. When I decided taking it oral was not helping and I had tablets left I mixed some with cream that I absorb readily. That didn't help either.

    Aside from Neuronton I want to add another comment. The Neurologist that prescribed it had first prescribed Tegretol. It is in the same class of drugs as Neuronton. When he gave me the prescription he made the comment that it was a very safe drug. Drugs of this type usually require a period of time for them to start to work. I took Tegretol for about 2 months. It was of no help at all, and suddenly somehow I came to the realization that I had BIG problems, and was upset with my family that they had not mentioned it to me. It was interfering with my thinking to the point I didn't see what was going on, but thought they should have noticed. At that point my thinking was greatly effected. In addition I was so shaky that I could not write anything that would be readable. I play keyboard and I would shake so I would actually miss the intended notes. I didn't actually feel dizzy but my balance was so poor I had to hold onto something to walk, and could not walk with anything in my hands as it put me off balance. In fact it was all VERY bad. It was a few months before I would take anything else but finally gave in and took the Neuronton.

    As for the Tegretol experience it took at least a year for things to start to return to normal. There was improvement after the 2nd year. I am coming up on the 3rd year and still have some residual symptoms left. Recently I was talking to an RN and mentioned this. She said she thought that drug had been pulled from the market many years ago. She also said she had taken it with the same results I had and that about the 3-year mark most of the effects had cleared.

    Sorry for the long post. Some people probably can take Neuronton but I pass my experience along to anyone that might have the drug prescribed for them.

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    was the best decision that any doctor made for me! It has been terrific. It has helped my fibro pain more than anything else that I have ever been given.

    You have to gradually work up to the dose that will help you. At any time if you plan to quit taking it, don't quit cold turkey, you must also quit it gradually.

    Works great for me!