Neuropathy due to Lymes

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by teak, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. teak

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    I'm new to this sight but was so glad to find it! My husband who has suffered with Lymes for 35 years (he finally got a diagnosis in Nov. '09) has developed very painful neuropathy's in his legs and feet. Has anyone had sucess finding relief without narcotic pain relievers? He is currently taking the antibiotic regime since Nov. '09 and feeling more energetic and stronger but it hasn't helped the neuropathy any.

  2. victoria

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    It seems the longer one's had Lyme &/or co-infections, the longer it usually takes to see results.

    My son had neuropathy in arms/hands and legs/feet at 17... he took 3.5 years of oral abx, and it did gradually disappear to a tolerable level as long as it's not exacerbated by repetitive activities.

    Hope he starts to feel and see results with it sooner than later.

    all the best,

  3. teak

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    Thank you Victoria, that gives us some hope. Can I ask how long he had lymes before he started the abx?

  4. victoria

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    We don't really know as we never saw a rash on him. He'd played in the woods all his life.

    His first obvious symptoms (well-- obvious only when we look back) began when he was about 13 tho. Since it can remain dormant without anything more than a 'summer flu' type symptom, that's the best I can date it to as he started getting the 'flu' every 2-3 weeks and then started having neurpsych problems.

    The physical symptoms didn't start til a couple of years after that but were quickly getting worse.

  5. teak

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    Hi Victoria,

    In your first reply you said your son's neuropathy pain was reduced to a tolerable level after the abx treatments. Does tolerable mean he was able to lead a pretty " normal" the things he needed and wanted to do?

    I guess we are trying to have realistic expectations and although I know even though they share some common experiences, the outcomes won't necessarily be similar...but it sure helps to hear what others have been through. Thank you!
  6. victoria

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    Tolerable for him means he can't do repetitive actions for very long or the neuropathy and pain kick up pretty quickly, within hours. So not quite sure what you mean by 'normal activities'? And it seems to vary depending on what he's done or tried to do.

    obviously it varies a lot for everyone many days, too, just like symptoms and the severity of them to start with.

    Wish I could give more concrete answers, but I don't think there really are any with this disease.

    all the best,

  7. selmad

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    Look on lymenet but I believe some have said B12 shots have helped with neuropathy-

    Also I know ALA is supposed to help with diabetic neuropathy-

    Dr. Berkson ( i believe that's the name) uses IV ALA for pancreatic cancer etc-- maybe IV ALA would be worth a shot if the lyme treatment doesn't work.-google on utube berkson LDN or look on LDN yahoo forum for info on Dr. Berkson.
  8. selmad

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    Also- it can take a long time on abx treatment if he's been sick with lyme for that long. If he's already seen some kind of improvement he's doing great.
  9. MIssAutumn

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    I take Lipoic Acid for mine and it completely takes it away.

  10. nancycleek

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    I have neurological damage due to lyme. although I have not been able to manage the pain without narcotics, I have found vitamin B complex to be very helpful for nerve damage. It also greatly improves energy level and helps with the blues. Your husband may also want to try turmeric. It's helpful for pain and inflamation, but he should probably check with his doctor. Oxygen therapy, (i believe it,s called hypobaric?) 30 days of treatment helps kill the bacteria and relieve the pain. Last but not least, don,t know what i would do without memory foam. Truly one of God's greatest creations!