Neuropathy symptoms?

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    Hi everyone,

    I've heard a lot of people mention neuropathy on this board and on others. I've read about the symptoms, but I'd like to hear about it from someone who suffers from it. Do the symptoms come on gradually or all of a sudden? How does the muscle weakness present itself? Did your doctor order tests for it, or did you have to suggest it?

    I've been having problems with my legs and arms. My legs feel tired most of the time and the pain varies : on rainy days, I get joint pain + the tired legs, on other days I feel as if the tendons in my knees are pulled tight, on other days it feels as if my legs are going to give. If I'm sitting on the floor, or in the tub for instance, I can't push up on my arms to get up, sometimes carrying a grocery bag feels too heavy. Could this be neuropathy or simply FM?

    I know I've asked a similar question before. Please forgive me, I'm still new to this DD and still trying to get my mind around it.

    Thank you to all who will reply!

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    my post on neuropathy is about 3 down from yours.i have been dx with it,my neuro put me through 2 more tests besides the mri. those tests had to do with my legs and arms,mostly legs,they couldn`t finish the test because it was some sort of machanism they put to different places on your legs and it would shock the wahoo out of me,every place they touched.after that torture chamber i was put on a table and they took pictures of my neck,back,arms legs,could been more than that,i`m just not good at remembering. anyway after that ordeal that day,he told me a couple days later,i had neuropathy and encelopathy,but i still can`t tell you to this day how you get it,is it relevant to fibro?thats why i posted,hoping for some answers. if you get any different from mine,let me know and vicea versa. hope you get your answers,sorry i couldn`t help you. nje ps i do have the same symptoms as you,hard to carry any weight in my arms,i`m fatiqued in my arms and legs,so what time i`m not hurting,i`m pooped out,sometimes both at the same time.
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    Thanks for the info. I do sometimes get the feeling like my whole leg has fallen asleep, but it hasn't been extreme (not painful). Or my thigh muscles will sometimes twitch when at rest, or cramps under the feet, or the constant feeling like I have a bug crawling over my leg, I keep trying to swat at it! I never thought to mention these as they're more annoying than painful for now.

    But thank you for the replies everyone and have a good weekend!