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  1. amberbee

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    over the past few weeks i have noticed the tips of my fingers (around the nail)have been going red, there is a burning sensation and they feel very warm, my toes are the same. i have neuropathy in my legs and feet and am worried that the neuropathy is spreading to my hands too.
    does anyone else have the same problem as this is really beginning to worry me?

  2. abbylee

    abbylee New Member

    My hands are numb and freezing cold and they tingle. My MRI was fine (of course), so now my doc wants me to have nerve studies. I don't plan to do that right now, so my hands are driving me crazy.

    I have a ruptured disc and several buldging discs so this is probably a pinched nerve, but my insurance pays 80% and I pay 20% so the nerve studies will have to wait.

    I take Xyrem which is a little over $100 every 22 days after insurance, plus I take an additional $350.00 in other drugs that I pay 80% for, so no more tests for now. The MRI costs so far have been $70.00 to the doctor's office, 20% of $1999.00 for the MRI (can't remember the amount right now, and $120.00 to the radiologist.