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    reposting, dont think it went through first time, anyway,
    Anyone know if you can get chronic neuropathy from chickenpox without having shingles. The onset of my cfs was chickenpox and ebv together 7 years ago at 31 y/o. Wondering if my aches and pains are from chickenpox/neuropathy as i tend to get alot of nerve type pain(hot/cold,tingling sensations) as well as tight aching muscles.
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    If I were you, I'd go see a good neurologist. I'm afraid I can't answer your question. I had chickenpox as a baby, never had shingles and do also have peripheral neuropathy but I don't know if they're related.
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    Hi i have read your post which was interesting i got chicken pox at 18 i am now 46 i cant answer your question but recently had a chest xray done and the docs could tell i got the chickenpox at a late age. They say chickenpox affects u worse the older u get it.I also have cfs.
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    I'm sorry I can't answer your question, but I have Fibro and I get the hot/cold tingling sensations daily in my face. More so in winter. it's something that's very hard to explain to someone that's never had it.
    I have not found anything that helps.

    Good Luck,

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    When you get shingles, there is intense pain as the virus re-emerges along the nerve sheaths. This is usually only on one side of the body (left or right) and is most common on the trunk and sometimes, the face. When the virus reaches the skin, it erupts as little clumps of blisters.

    Where in your body do you feel the nerve twinges? If more in your hands and feet, then you would have peripheral neuropathy.

    Post-herpetic neuropathy (and pain) occurs at the same spots where the blisters were. I had a confirmed case of shingles at a very young age (under 18) and there's one spot that still *sometimes* twinges. There are the typical white skin scars there as well. The pain is like a needle, or an electric shock, and isn't diffuse the way your muscles ache after exercise, or the way you can ache with the flu.
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    I started getting pain and numbness in my right leg, then my right arm and finally right side of my face about 10 years ago. At this point I had been sick with CFS/ME about 15 years with no neuro problems. I had all my Mercury filling replacedt when the neuro stuff started and there are many theories as to why this could have brought it all on. I had an MRI when it started and it showed nothing. The neurologist didnt see anyting that warrented a spinal tap but wanted me to do MRI's every 6 months. I didnt do them becuase I didnt have insurance at the time and most of the things they might find, they didnt have solutions for. I also knew many people with neurological problems have the same viral, havy metal, Lymes, Mycoplasmas etc that CFS/ME people do.

    Evenutally the right leg and arm only acted up on occassion but the right side of my face bothers me to some degree every day. It still moves but it doesnt feel right. Recently I developed severe bouts of Vertigo so I did another MRI. Again, it didnt show anything. Now, I could go on and get a delightful spinal tap but once again, it seems people with MS, etc. are found to have the same set of pathogens that CFS/ME people do. I DONT want to go on a steroid and wipe out my already low immune system either. If I thought I could be diagnosed and get a treatment that wasnt doing me more harm than good, I might go further down the neurological road. Even my neurologist said that in the 10 years I have dealt with this, there should be something that would come up on an MRI.

    My point is, (uh, oh...lost my point...) I think my point is, that since I do have HHV6, and one doc thought maybe it was Lymes, and my immune system is very weak, I would treat those issues whether I had an MS diagnosis or a CFS diagnosis. They all overlap so much in symptoms and possible cause.

    BTW, 3 weeks into Famvir I am having a severe relapse in my neuro symptoms again like I had originally 10 years ago. Could be the virus is dying off and creating inflamation? Could just be a coincidence. I am just riding it out though and seeing what happens. Sometimes I get scared and want to run to the nuerologist (which isnt possible because there is a 3 months wait for a good one anyways) but Im not sure they have any answers or solutions either. Just a scarier label to place on my symptoms...
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    I have neuropathy in my toes and forward part of feet and soles. I was originally looking at only the toes, but I found a machine similar to a TENS that reverses neuropathy. It slowly changed the soles of my feet to be able to feel cold, which I didn't know I couldn't feel. The neuropathy is almost gone. Wow what a relief.
    I am using the machine on my arms to hopefully treat the nerve pain from shingles which is on the left side of my body just at the bra line. Ended up getting a yeast infection under my breasts also. Talk about burning.
    Also it kicked up my fibro lumps in that area and around under my arm and left side of back with muscle spasms and faschia tightness. Felt like I had a real tight bra on with rough elastic. My massage therapist worked on the fascia and helped relieve a lot of that.
    The machine I use is called The Rebuilder. You can google that. Best thing I found for my neuropathy. It seems to work on different nerve related things I have had.
    If you have any questions feel free to email me at Make a note in the subject so I will notice it.