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    Has anyone heard of or used NeuroReplete to treat symptoms of FM or CFIDS? I was recently introduced to the product, told it is full of amino acids that aid the neurotransmitters in the brain, and is supposed to be the "cureall".

    I am not that gullible to think that it is a cureall and I am wondering why this doctor suggested it for my pain, when all I can find on the internet is that it is helpful for depression and ADD (and I fortunately am not suffering from either of those conditions).

    Does anyone have any experience with this "supplement" in regards to eleviating pain?
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    I've never heard of it so I googled it. Found this site (among others). Hope it gives you the info you're looking for.

    There is also one that sells this stuff, so I didn't post that addy...per rules. I didn't look really hard at this one.

    God Bless.
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    The doctor I used to see put me on a whole program of this stuff: NeuroReplete, CysReplete, and RepleteExtra (or Ultra or something like that).

    The only thing it did for me after almost a year of giving it a good try was to drain my checking account of hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Definitely not a "cure-all" for me! (Your mileage may vary.)


    ANNXYZ New Member

    google : "The Way Up From Down" amino acids

    There is website that discusses this . The doc who has had some success usually has best success with supplementing tyrosine and VIT B6 TOGETHER .

    Amino acids have helped others . I just bought some today - liquid aminos that are free form . They make lots of sense .

    The doc also mentions another amino for pain.
    You might want to do another google on :
    amino acids Don Tyson, depression . He was involved in some clinical studies with aminos .

    You never really know what will work for each individual . It is trial and error . Good luck !
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    bumping for info :)
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    I don't know about NeuroReplete but I recently started another supplement called Serelyn.

    I posted info on the ingredients. My problem is anxiety and insomnia.

    I am surprised, it seems to be working. Time will tell but so far, I like it.

    As far as pain relief for fibro, I am having very good luck with a drug called Subutex. I have been on this for almost a year and never have flares like before.

    Subutex is a drug, a mild opiate you dissolve under your tongue. Not hard on your body, no tolerance issues, etc.

    Subutex is used alot for addicts to get off opiates without withdrawals however, it is also used for pain. My doctor has many fibro patients on it, including me.

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    I have been dealing with FM or CFIDS togeather with depression for years. I am now dealing with constant Vertigo. I do know that FM or CFIDS togeather with depression can cause lost of phyiscal pain; two weeks ago I was feeling very low, could not eat, had nausia and then a new doctor placed me on NeuroReplete and I have to say I am feeling much better so I feel the NeuroReplete is helping; you should try it.
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    I'm not sure how much you would be charged for NeuroReplete. Basically it's a few vitamins & some amino acids. Most aminos aren't too spendy.

    You could ck out the component prices, if saving money is an issue for you, as it is for most of us. Perhaps some of the aminos are sold here on ProHealth. Or try other net supp vendors,

    While you are at it, you might want to ck out the precautions on using tyrosine & phenylalanine. Those two amino acids are very tricky for anyone with high blood pressure. Phenylalanine is not for those with an inborn error of metabolism known as PKU, and it isn't recommended for anyone with a history of cancer (can cause replication of cancer cells).

    Tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine and norepinephrine. It can make you feel more alert, but if you are prone to anxiety, it can raise that as well.

    DLPA is a form of phenylalanine that is sometimes recommended by naturopaths for chronic pain. Over time, it raises endorphin levels -- but don't expect it to act as fast as typical OTC painkillers.

    Best wishes. If you do decide to try the NeuroReplete, let us know how it works for you.