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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by caroleye, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. caroleye

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    Well, this is interesting because I not only had this urine test done, but also the QEEG test that shows the neurotransmittors.

    Both of the tests were taken when I was on Klonopin & Dalmane; test people didn't tell me to stop them 24 hours prior, or the test wouldn't be totally valid.

    Sure enough, Neuroscience showed my GABA as being normal. Not true. In fact, since addressing my GABA, I'm balancing my way too many alfa waves.

    The Q also said the GABA looked "off", but did say it was probably due to meds.

    So for me, if I ever chose to do the urine test, I'd make sure no drugs were in my body. I don't like their tx protocol, as they say if you don't continue taking some of their stuff, you'll reverse.

    But the Q people tell you that neurofeedback will permanently balance your transmittors, so that one feels much more reliable, plus it's been around for many years.

    We so have to keep ourselvese educated about all of this new technology...........full-time job!!

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    what is the QEEG test? were the both sets of test results similiar or completely different? i'm interested in this idea of testing for neurotransmitters but wonder how accurate the tests really are.

  3. caroleye

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    The QEEG test is an upgraded version of the EEG test, where they measure your brain waves & map them in color, so you can see your levels of neurotransmitters. Lots of info if you google.

    My main interpretation on that was the high acetylcholine which was the most my practitioner had seen. Made sense then that the Edge saw my GABA as the most deficient, since they're opposites. The "on" & "off".

    Neuroscience showed low serotonin/dopamine & elevated acetyl, which would be similar results.

    For me, I prefer to "see" the brain map that shows me, vs the urine test, where you just get their opinion.

    I did a "proof test" accidently over the weekend when I took at mental alertness herbal combo, and spiked my acetyl. By the end of the day, I was on my way to the ER as the pain was beyond my tolerance. But once I kept taking things to slow my body down, the pain eventually decreased.

    My neurofeedback person is still not available, and therein lies my answer to balance out that acetyl & the rest.
    Meanwhile, I have to rely on a GABA diet & calming supplements.

  4. msSusan

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    I would like to hear from people who have been on program and what results they have seen. Did products have effect on FM pain or mostly just mood issues? What program was followed? What supplements were taken and for how long?
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    I have done a urine test to get my levels checked (through NeuroScience Inc.) I'm working with local natural pharmacy on getting help with Fibro. pain, etc. Have started Inhibitory Neurotrans. supplements (from Natural Creations) to even out low levels of serotonin, epinephrine and dopamine. Have high histamine level.

    Check web site to get very detailed info.

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  5. caroleye

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    Don't know anything about the neuroscience program.


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