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    Hi everybody! I have a question. I am at the beginning of my diagnosis. I do not have any health insurance right now, so I have to wait to have more tests done. My doc basically said that he definatly believes that it is Fibro (DUH!!), and that I have degenerative disks in my back. We are waiting so that I can have an MRI done to find out for sure. But I won't have any coverage for at least another 2 months. So, he said that he is going to refer me to a Neurosugeon. Why, I have no idea. He dosen't even know what we are working with yet!! I am concerned because it seems like he is just trying to get rid of me. Wouldn't he want me to go to a Rhumetologist or a Neurologist first? Where does surgery all of the sudden come into the picture? Is this common? I don't want to waste my non-existant bank account on a doc that will not even be able to help me!! Any ideas that could clear this up for me??

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