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    I have finally gotten some info about Neurotherapy for those of us who live in the South East United States,and can't travel to Canada and get the help that John (Father Troll) got in his return to normal life.
    For newbies, Neurotherapy can return your brain waves to normal, so that you sleep at night, have energy during the day, and your brain waves become normal, and the brain damage so common in our illnesses is alleviated. I don't have time to write explanations in detail to the new folks who don't remember Father Troll's miraculous I suggest doing a search on the web for Neurotherapy if you want to learn more.
    The closest clinic to the Southeast is in Charlotte, N. Carolina, and is headed by a Dr. Preston. Her assistant, Kim, called me today and gave me lots of info on their new home treatment program.
    For this program, you must still go to Charlotte for 3 days for your QEEG test, other tests, and to train to use the machinery. Then you take the equipment home.
    Costs are as follows: $140/hr. for office time., $1,550. for the QEEG. Most ins. covers 80% of the QEEG, but you must pay up front and get reimbursed. Then you need 4-6 hrs. training in the use of the equipment at $150/hr. It takes 40-60 sessions of treatment, at 2-3 times per week to get better, and the sessions cost $350 for each 10 sessions. The equipment can be rented for $300/month.
    I had a brain injury before my illness, but I need to win the lottery to do this treatment!
    Kim said that 70% of patients get back 60-70% of their normal function. This clinic specializes in CFS, but also has treated FMS (which they say is NOT the same illness as CFS), and they treat brain injury, and ADD/ADHD.
    Obviously, this is not a treatment for the poor. For those of you who can afford it, a websearch on Neurotherapy, QEEG, or "brain retraining" should bring you the info you need to contact this clinic.
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    It's much less at the far west office of Dr Dunn who works in conjunction with Dr. Preston. He is located in Olympia, Washington and his prices are much, much less but way too much for me even tho. I think he charges around $475 for the first exam and then $75 an hour for the treatments. He is a very considerate and caring man. He has a video you can watch to see Dr. Preston's presentation and it's only a $10 deposit (to make sure you return the video). They do suggest 2 treatments a week to add up to as much as 40 - 60 for any kind of recovery.

    I really want to do this treatment because it will help in my disability claim (since the QEEG is patented by US government and they can't deny what they said works!).

    I am really impressed with this more than any of the other "recovery plans" I've investigated.

    Spanaway, Washington
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