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    I forgot to ask, does anyone here take neurotin for the pain?It was first given to me to help with my sciatic pain. It did that but it totally spaced me out. Stayed off of it until last week andI tryed it again and it spaced me out again but it does help with the pain along with my methadone and Lorcet Plus. I guess I will just take one pill at night. Has anyone else had this happened to them? I'm suppose to take it 3 times a day but just cannot handle it that many times. Well again, hope every one has a pain free day today and God Bless. Janice
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    Neurontin comes in different strengths. Possibly you started with too high a dose? It is my understanding that this is a drug that you need to start slowly and gradually build up to whatever your maintenance level might be. I would check with your doctor or pharmacist. Let them know of your problems. They might want you to take a reduced dose for a week or two and gradually increase it. There is also the possibility that you might be sensitive to Neurontin and a different medication might be better for you.
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    The same thing happened to me, so I stopped taking it. I went back to Dr. last week and he reduced the nuerontin to 100 mg. I was taking 300 mg. and felt like a zombie. The 100 mg is working and have started adding one during the day. I am drowsy but able to handle it. Maybe you need smaller dosage. Hope this helps. Terri
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    I take 300mg.,three times a day.I'm sure I was started on a much lower dose at first-It has helped almost more than anything else I take-Call your Dr.,maybe you need to start on lowest dose and work your way up.
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    Hi Janice,

    Doc put me on Neurontin just about a year ago because of "neuropathy" in both feet and legs - stabbing, numbness and burning sensations.

    He "claimed" it was due to now being diabetic but alas I was having this waaaaaaaaay before my dx of diabetes.

    I tried the 300 mg which I was suppose to take 3 times a day - like you I was higher than a Georgia pain and nixed it after the very first pill.
    I was "trying" to cook and dumped a whole pot of spaghetti on the stop because of being sooooooo spaced out.

    THEN when I went back to doc I told him how I reacted ( do this with lots of the stronger and better pain meds ) and he recommended taking the 100 mg. before bed for a week to have my body adjust to this med.
    Week later to take another in the afternoon, after lunch and do this for a week.
    Then add one in the morning and surprisingly it has been okay.

    Granted i cant seem to increase to more than 100 mg. but its been better than none at all.

    Hope you can ask for the lower dose and start out slower -

  6. CATLADY912

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    I'm taking 300mg capsules. I didn't know that they came lower than 300mg. I will have to ask my doctor about that next time I go , or I will just wait and get my rheumtoid doctor to give me the 100mg. Right now I'm just not taking them, since I will probably have to take another course of steriods in the medro dosepack and that Dr. said not to take the neurotin while I take the steriod. Thanks for asking. Janice
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    I've been taking Neurontin for about one month now. I take it before I go to bed so it helps me sleep. I started taking 100 mg. and then increased to 300 mg. every night. Last week I started taking 600 mg. at night. Each time I increased I would wake up with headaches. I guess I've gotten used to it because now I don't get headaches anymore. And the spaced-out feeling has also gone away. I don't think I would take it during the day - I'm sure I would feel spacey. I also have started taking my Magnesium before I go to bed and have increased that dosage too. I'm feeling much better than I have in a long time - I hope it lasts!

  8. JannyW

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    I had been having random pain in my hands, wrists & elbows. It was first diagnosed as "tendinitis" -- interesting since I literally wasn't doing anything! When a steroid injection didn't help, they decided to try the Neurontin, at 300mg once/day. It helped almost immediately! I am now taking it 2x/day and feeling better, tho some days the pain seeps thru no matter what. It does make me a little spacey if I take it on an empty stomach, and I definitely cannot drive when I take it!

    Jan ^v^
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    I have been on Neurontin and Topmax to help control my pain for 7 months. The first month and half was hell. It is a difficult to ramp up on. You have to ramp up on it slowly but you have to be consistant about taking it. I am on 1800 mg/day of Neurontin and 200 mg/day of Topamax and 85% of pain is contained. It has worked very well for me. I really only have pain if I work out too much or if there is a storm in the area.

    It has really helped me, but like I said that frist month was a killer, but it was worth it to me for the end product which is controled pain. I have come breakthough pain, but most it can be controled by heat. I have only had to take pain killers twice in the last three months.

    After the first month to month and half the spaced out feeling was totally gone, the worst of the memeory loss was gone and I was feeling back to normal or as normal as a person with FMS can feel. I still have some trouble with my memory, some pain etc, but those things that we expect to deal with anyway.

    I ramped up very quickly which is why I have such a hard time. If you ramp up slower, you should not have the extreme reaction that I had, the key is consitancy. Make sure you stay on a schedule and if it is going to work for you it will.
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    I have been on Neurontin for about 7 years now and when I first started the doctor gave it to me to help me sleep but I started at 100 mgs and worked up slowly to 300mgs at night and now am on 100 mgs in the morning. It will make you sleepy at first or on bad days if you don't move around a little. It has helped the aching in my legs so much. I didn't think it was doing me any good so I gradually cut down the dose until I was off of it completely. The leg aches and pain came back with a vengence and so I went back on it. A note on many medications that are prescribed for us--so many of them have to be started at low dosages and worked up and when you go off of it, you need to reverse the process. It can be dangerous if you don't. Anyway-Neurontin has helped me take less narcotic pain medication. Cheapest place I have found to get it is out of Canada.