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  1. CATLADY912

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    Well friends I finally started to take neurotin 100 mg and so far it doesn';t seem to space me out llike the 300mg did.
    What i do need to now is when I take my neurotin at night befor I go to bed, should I also take my ambiem along with it. ??????

    Ihave been trying to cut out 1 lorcet plus a day till I get off of it for awhile so my body will adjust to not having it, so when I start again it will help more. WHAT DO YOU guys and girls do when your body becomes use too one of your pain meds.

  2. Kathryn

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    He suggested that I take it and the neurontin together about an hour before bedtime. I tried it the first time about 10 on a Friday night. At 3 the next afternoon, I was still wide awake. This was after having gotten up to go to work at 330 on Friday morning! I am one of the lucky people with really bizarre reactions to certain medications. I would check with the pharmacist to make sure, because I don't know what other medications you are taking. It is a really good idea to have all prescriptions filled at the same pharmacy so, just in case your doctor makes a boo boo, they will be sure to catch it. I hope the combination works well for you.
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    Just started Neurontin, and Ambien. The doctor told me to take them at the same time 1hour before bedtime. It is best to take the Ambien on an empty stomach, as this is what the directions say. I take neureonin 300mg Am & PM. if you are worried and want to feel secure about your choice, you may call your doctor's office and ask. Hope to help
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    I have been on Neurontin for over 2 years now, and on Ambien for several months. I take Neurontin 5x's a day, the last dose along with the Ambien, at Bedtime. If you have any doubts or questions, your PHARMACIST would know more about the drugs than your Dr.- I would ask him about any interactions. I hope they work for you