Neurotin and Elavil together? Opinions PLEASE!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by keke466, Jan 30, 2006.

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    I went off the zoloft and ask the dr if I could try elavil. Gave me 25mg. I take it in the mornings when I leave work to help me sleep. I also ask to try neurotin. Gave me 100 mg. I'm always scared to try new meds, never know what they will do. Only been taking elavil for 3 wks. and already I'm not sleeping like I should. I called the pharmicist and he told me I could the elavil and neurotin together at bedtime. I guess cause the 100 mg is the lowest dose of neurotin. I can't take the elavil when I get up and go to work cause I'll be too sleepy. I took the zoloft during the day but I didn't use it for sleep either. Has anyone taken these two together for sleep? What is your opinion on this. Do you think it will help me sleep better?? Like so many of you I can't sleep at all anymore if I don't take something. Appreciate your opinions since many of you have tried so much more than I have.

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    half a pill of the Neurontin and see what happens. Although it did nothing for me, I have read many here benefit from Neurontin for sleep. You may have to find the right dose for you - some take up to 1200mg per day. I would check with your doc first though especially if you are sensitive to meds.

    Can really relate to the not sleeping without something though - I am struggling to get sleep even on high doses of sleeping pills!

    Hugs Bunchy x
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    about an hour before bed. Helps me get to sleep and stay asleep though if I have to I can wake up and function fine. Some have said it leaves them groggy the next morning but it never has me. I do know that the old Best Pills Worst Pills put out by the AARP every year said that
    Prozac and Trazadone were a deadly mixture so I'd be careful about taking an SSRI and most anything without really researching it. There are pharmacists who specialise in things that interact. you might call around. Neurontin did nothing for me at all either. We now have a commercial from some lawyer asking for people on it for a class action suit. I don't know why. check the FDA
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    Hey, I know it's tough getting off antidepressants. I went off for good about 6 months ago (zoloft and wellbutrin) and here's what I take instead: 1500 mg. gaba first thing in the AM. 900 mg. St. John's Wort, also in the morning. SAMe, start with 200 mg. a day, work up to 800 mg. a day. This is a great brain cocktail. There's a wonderful book, How to Make a Good brain Great by Dr. Amen, there's a lot of great information in there about alternative antidepressants. Dr. Amen has 4 brain clinics in the US, he really knows his stuff. Also if you take any brain type supplements, don't take them after lunch, they can increase sleeplessness if they increase glucose uptake or oxygenation in the brain. Some people swear by calcium-magnesium right before bed to sleep. Believe me, you'll sleep better once you're off zoloft for a month. Also, even a little caffeine intake can trigger all sorts of sleeplessness. There's an amazing book Caffeine Blues, you can order it off It really helped me overall to get off caffeine, and I've been drinking coffee every day, esp. as I've had CFS for 24 years, and thought I needed it to function at all. Nope! Best of luck!
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    Hi Keke, I take 800 mg. of Neurontin and 50 mg. of Elavil. I take 500mg.of N. and all of the elavil around 7:00 at night and I am able to sleep most of the time through the night.

    Neurontin is one of those meds that you have to build up to a certain amount, you can't start out with a big dose at once. I take 300 mg. of Neurontin in the morning, but it does make me a little tired during the day.

    Hope you find a combination of these will work for you. We all react differently.