Neurotin and wellness!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cactuslil, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. Cactuslil

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    I have had recent oral surgery so I am out of tune in responding to some who responded to me a good month ago; I do apologize but I am back on the saddle so to speak!
    For the last two weeks I have not taken my neurotin. I have taken in about 3-years and never advanced beyond the started dose of 1200mg. spread however I wanted it or all at once at night. Well, I immediately felt "something" so fprtunately my dear GP who was dealth me continued with the prior rheumu/neuro's plan. Which plan called for graduated increase in the neurotin if "it" worked.

    After two weeks off neurotin I could not remember five minutes; no exaggeration. For two weeks I know very little of what went on around me. My dear son left yesterday for a Lakehouse visit with his "Hudgins" brothers in Tyler, TX. so by the time he returns I will have my brain back.

    The effect was truly dramatic. The old grey mare still ain't what she out to be but I'm on my way, atleast cognitively! Love to all whose prayers have sustained me and to hell to the rest (just JOKING!) CactusLil'
  2. Mikie

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    I'm glad you're back amongst us. I keep you in my prayers, so I hope it's keeping me out of hell :)

    Love, Mikie
  3. ladydi

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    Dearest Lil,

    I have wondered for a long time why some of the FM
    population uses Neurotin. Some say they have great results

    What symptoms does it help you with? MY biggest
    problems are my legs. They hurt, and it does sometimes feel like a nerve being pinched from my lower back, only
    the pain is in the front of the thigh.

    Just wondering.
  4. sofy

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    I recently read a narcoleptic say this is the one drug that helped with the sleepy and spacy problem but they took 4800mgs.

    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    CatusLil that start dose of 1200 was a lot. I had to take 1 at bedtime for 5 days and then 1 twice daily for 5 days and have just started to take 1 three times per day. That will be the dosage I will remain on, 900 mg per day.

    I have not noticed any change in the pain in my shoulders, neck, arms, hands, hips, legs, ankles or feet. However, the severe chest pains I get quite often are less severe. I feel like throwing a party to celebrate. I have had every test done to my heart and they say it is fine. But when these chest pains occur I swear I am having a heart attack.

    Maybe the chest pains will go away completly since I started on 3 per day. I also think it is making my headaches more tolerable. I do pray this is not temporary.

    I would like to hear from others about this Rx. Is it helping you, if so , how. I have only been taking it for 12 days now. I also wonder why it is helping my chest and head but not my other pains. Maybe someone knows the answer. Thanks.
  6. Tattoopixie

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    I just increased my neurontin (a week or so ago) to 600mg at night, along w/1 flexeril & 100mg of zoloft. It has helped my pain in my neck & shoulders, but not my knees. I thought I was just weird! Good to know I'm not alone. Maybe you will get more relief w/a muscle relaxer, like the flexeril, added to it? Glad you are back w/us Lil!
  7. Sandyz

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    I started on the Neurotin three weeks ago. It is helping a lot for a lot of my pain. It also really lets me go into a sound deep sleep. So all that`s good.

    But I`ve been feeling really dizzy a lot and started having these stabbbing pains once in awhile. I also have a bad sinus infection right now so maybe that`s causing the dizziness I don`t know. Do any of you notice any side-effects and if so what?