Neurotin question-please help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by VickyB, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. VickyB

    VickyB New Member

    I have just started taking Neurotin on Tuesday and was wondering how long it takes before pain usually starts to get better? Please let me know, I can't sleep from the pain.
    Thanks, Sleeper01
  2. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    but it can take a week or two for the full effect to cut in. Don't give up on it too soon. It is the most helpful medicine I have gotten.
  3. VickyB

    VickyB New Member

    How many mgs. do you take? I am thinking maybe my dosage is too small. What time of day do you take the Neurotin? I am wondering if I shouldn't take it during the day because I have not slept the last week at ALL.
    Thanks, Vicky
  4. craftycats6

    craftycats6 New Member

    IM on Neurotin 300 mgs 4 x day. If I Remember correctly it took 2 to 3 weeks.

  5. rbtheidmanhabs

    rbtheidmanhabs New Member

    I have been taking neurontin for a couple of years now.It took me a couple of weeks for it to actually start helping my leg pain.Everyone takes it for a different purpose.When you start it you have to gradually build it up and the same way if you decide to go off it.It has severe side affects.At one point they told me it might be possible that my white cell count was low because of it.So I went off it and tested it.Big mistake.Do it slowly.I take mine 900 mg.x3 daily.

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  6. Cactuslil

    Cactuslil New Member

    I take 300mg. four times a day. I have been off studying memory loss, cognitive deficits and the incredible variations of memory losses! I have new found respect for our neurologists to say the least.

    I will put the link up soon as I find the paper I jotted it on but FMS has been definately linked to petit mal seizures; the trick is to find the right medication that affects the area of the brain that is experiencing the seizure activity. I was lucky neurotin was a 'hit' for me. This info on FMS and the link to our cognitive losses being now proven up to scientific standards is relatively new but nevertheless correct.

    Taking neurotin for me three years ago was just a lucky crap-shoot! CactusLil'
  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I'm so glad this was posted b/c I had a dr appointment just this past week,and I had my meds changed.I was given flexeril and elavil 10mgs to be taken before Dr said if these two meds don"t help me with the pain and sleep issues,then we can try neurontin.I will see how these work first and I go back to the Rhuemy in late Feb. So I wondered how well some of you's thought this med works.Is this in the class of pain killers?or a antidepressant? Thanks everyone!!
  8. VickyB

    VickyB New Member

    I have taken the Elavil and it made me soooo sleepy that I could not function during the day even though I took it at night before bed. Elavil did help with the pain but my husband was not going to let me stay on the couch while waiting for the side effects to go away. So good luck to you and let me know how you are doing on your new medicine.
    Sincerely, Sleeper01
  9. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    It takes about a month for your body to adjust to the Elavil so that you don't have the hangover feeling the next day. I won't take Elavil again, as it caused me GREAT weight gain. It does help with your sleep. but it stimulates your appetite. dolsgirl
  10. Kathryn

    Kathryn New Member

    I started with 100mg at bedtime, and upped it to 100 3 times a day. We then went to 300 mg at bedtime, & 100mg morning & afternoon. I am presently on 300mg 3 x per day. I should tell you that I have a lengthy history of bizarre drug reactions, and that is why he always starts me on a minimum dose of anything new. I hope it will work for you.
  11. RedAngel48

    RedAngel48 New Member

    I actually envy you, wish I could get back to my Rheumatologist. The onbly time I can actually say that I felt good was while I was on the neurontin. One thing you should do, put a label on the back of your drivers lisense and in your purse where it will be easliy seen stating that you take Neurontin and how much. It will be very necessary for a doctor to know this in an emergency situation.
    Good Luck
  12. VickyB

    VickyB New Member

    How come you stopped the Neurotin? Do you remember the dosage that you took that helped you? Just curious.
  13. mapessd

    mapessd New Member

    The Dr. put me on neurotin about a year ago worked me up to 300mg x3 a day then i went to another dr I didn't thimk the neurotin was helping much so the uped it (over time to 800mg x3 a day but i also take ultram 3x a day for pain i found out just one or the other doesn't work for me . And it does take time to biuld up to a higher dose . Believe me i tried going up faster than i was supose to Wow did the world spin on over time lol They said it could make you dizzy if you go up to fast and Boy where they right
    Good luck i hope it works for you and you get some relief
    Hugs Sue
  14. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I wonder if such a low dose of the elavil will still cause weight gain?? I am on 10 mgs at night,and whenever I've heard of weight gain from that drug.....The people were on real high doses.(like 75 mg or more!) If my a** starts getting wider-I'm going off for sure!!!lol no way do I want to gain~also is that neurontin a pain drug or what?or a antidepressant?Thanks big time!!
  15. VickyB

    VickyB New Member

    I could tell right away that my appetite was increased on the Elavil so if you don't notice that you are eating everything in sight by now-lucky you may not have this side effect!!Good luck!!
  16. lisjhn

    lisjhn New Member

    I was taking only 10 mg. of Elavil at nite and gained 15 lbs. in about 2 months. I noticed that I craved sugar and ate everything in sight and my metabolism seemed to come to a complete halt! However, I was sleeping very well and the daytime grogginess went away after a little while.

    If this Neurontin doesn't work for me, I may have to go back and just deal with the weight gain. Ughhhh....if only I could exercise again without getting sicker the next day.....

  17. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    I believe it is an anti seizure
    medication. I do know if it is, you
    are not advised to take it if you had seizures as a child.
    Hugs, Bambi
  18. Achy-shaky

    Achy-shaky New Member

    used for painful restless leg syndrome and other nerve pain. I just started on 300 mg at bedtime about a week ago and it seems to be helping me sleep longer than other RLS meds did so hoping eventually I can take it during the day for my nerve pain in arms but I need to gradually get used to any med due to several adverse reactions. My RLS got worse after an injury more than 2 years ago and then dx with FM/CFS/CMP last year - so glad my Rheumy finally gave me Klonopin and Neurontin, both used for FM and our seizing minds (ha, ha). Have to laugh about it or I'd be crying!!
    Warm hugs and blessings to you all.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    There is a new study being funded to see whether Klonopin, an antiseizure med like Neurontin, has pain killing properties. These meds are usually prescribed to help with sleep which indirectly helps with the pain. They also help with painful muscle spasms. It seems that they may disrupt the pain signals in the brain and be of more value in pain management than previously thought. It will be interesting to see what the studies show.

    I believe it is more difficult with Neurontin than with Klonopin to find the appropriate dose. Hang in there and be patient. Your dose may have to be adjusted.

    Many people do not understand that these meds do not work like opiods to stop pain. They are good meds because the stop the slight seizure state in the brain which also helps with symptoms like RLS, tinnitus, anxiety/panic attacks, and sensory overload.

    Love, Mikie
  20. kuntryhart

    kuntryhart New Member

    I took Flexeril and I couldn't function till almost noon the next day, so that wasn't for me. I have to be able to go to work. I have been on Neurontin for about 3 weeks now, and am doing so much better than before. I'm only taking 100mg twice a day, but my Dr says he is planning to increase the dosage over time. But, I now have hope that I may be able to work in my yard in the Spring! :D I cleaned my house on Saturday for the first time in months. The Nerontin helps me sleep and not feel drugged the next day. It stopped the muscles in my legs from twitching and drawing all night long. I'm also on Celebrex and Effexor. Hope it helps you, too! Donna 0:)