Neurotoxins Link to Bile From the Gallbladder

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    How many people with CFS or FMS have had gallbladder disease and/or gallbladder removal out there?

    Jellybelly's information regarding “ HYPERCOAGULATION Linked to Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Infertility" started me thinking and then doing some reading/research as well.

    In the Allergy Research Group newsletter, "Focus", dated August 2002, I found the following excerpt:

    “Additionally, binding therapy with the cholesterol-lowering drug Cholestyramine is an option in treating some of these patients. This drug has a complimentary positive charge to the generally negative charge of the neurotoxin and as the neurotoxin-bile complex passes the Sphincter of Oddi where bile is released from the gallbladder, it binds neurotoxins linked to bile, which can then not be reabsorbed. Prolonged use of Cholestyramine has proven to be disappointing in patient out-comes whereby the infection is of a chronic nature. Cycling of Cholestyramine has been utilized (5 days on, 10 days off) or an early AM single dose for several months.

    In our clinical experience we have found that venous Phospholipid Exchange is one of the most efficient ways of clearing the liver and biliary tree which are paramount in addressing neurotoxic syndromes. Oral use of phospholipids in a Liver Flush is also an effective intervention.

    Blood thinning agents such as Heparin and Warfarin increase blood flow around the damaged endothelium, however, reconstituting membrane fluidity can directly address coagulation in a natural restorative way. Vibrant healthy membranes will not permit agglomeration.”

    It would stand to reason that the absence of or malfunction of the gallbladder where the neurotoxin links to bile from the gallbladder might cause hypercoagulation.

    The Cholesteryramine mentioned is used to treat IBS as well.

    In addition, could the problem be related (not caused by but related) to elevated levels of cholesterol? I have read possible causes of elevated cholesterol being due to lack of bile. There may be a link here as well to levels of cholesterol.

    I have had removal of the gallbladder some 33 years ago and have had IBS since the removal. Lately, I have had elevated cholesterol levels. Even with modified diet the cholesterol doesn't seem to come down. Could there be an intrinsic link?
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    I had mine out at age 26. I had my first attack at age 18. I suffered for a long time before it was determined to be my gallbladder. I had to research to figure out what was wrong with me and then demand a sonogram. I was in really bad shape by the time it was removed. I had tons of scar tissue and damage to my liver and spleen.

    Crazy stuff...Jan
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    Had my Gallbladder removed back in Sept of 1990.

    On my last test a month a go my Cholesterol was high forgot the number's, but I was fairly normal till this past couple of years.
    This time it;s the highest it ever has been.

    They didn't do a Fasting blood test, so I have to go in next week and do one of thoes. Easy for me, I have my main meal at 1 or2 pm, and I rarely eat after that. So that should give them the better result.
    The hard part will be not having my 2 cups of coffee in the morning with my Pain med. By the time the test is over, it'll be past the OK time for coffee. the cut off time is 8 am these day's or I get bad Cramps from the IBS.

    I eat Chicken, Carrot's,along with a med. slice of Cherry Pie. About the most I can eat these day's, food makes me Sick, only a few dosen't.
    I also eat Oreo's now and then cause the hubby brings them to me. So I think the hi result's were mainly due to the fact that I had recently eaten some Chocolate Oreo's.
    Just couldn;t resist them.
    I think the next test should be normal, well I was thinking it should be,Till I read this Post.
    I always wondered what happens to the digestive tract without a Gallbladder? Since it has a certain job, what replaces that job, helping to remove waste (bile), right?

    I will discuss this with my PCP also and see if that could be the reason.

    I haven't talked to you before, but I have read some of your Post's and find them to be very informative and to the Point. So may I say a late "Welcome to the Board"? ok Welcome to the board. ;o}

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    I had my Gall Bladder out about 4 yrs ago.Suffered along time also before they found out the cause. I often wonder about the relation to that and my fibro. Is interesting.
    Also my aunt (whom I seem to be a very close genetic match)
    also had her gallbladder removed. She passed away from complications of Lupus and Im quite sure she had fibro also. I have so maney people tell me how I look like her and look ill like she did. My uncle (her hub) can barely look at me.My grandmother cries everytime she sees me.I still wonder if its not Lupus I have though the tests still say neg. My aunt was neg for yrs before she finaly tested pos.and the autopsy said she was neg for Lupus. Anyway am rambling,take care,,,,,,Lori[This Message was Edited on 05/09/2003]
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    Had it out when I was 38. Lots of tiny stones in there, they said. Never had a problem without the gall bladder either. Sometimes wonder why it is there. lol
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    My Mom had her gallbladder removed and had IBS ever since too. Before I went on a low-carb diet and my cholesterol shot up to 191, I was having what I believed to be gallbladder pain. After losing 24 #'s and having mycholesterol drop to 168, I have not had the pains after eating even when I eat a fatty meal.

    Is the ANYTHING not affected by our illnesses? I doubt it!

    Love, Mikie
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    This is excellent advice.

    I had really severe gall bladder pain over 20 years ago. Had an untrasound done.

    Was told pain due to inflammation of duct from liver to gall bladder.

    I took cranberry juice, flax seed oil and used physillium husks. Cut out virtually all fats for a short time then gradually reintroduced them.

    I only rarely get this flaring up these days and it soon settles down. I also digest fats a lot better, my stools change if I don't.

    Incidently this is one problem that my acupuncturist's treatments seems to clear fairly quickly too.


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