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    hi all, struggling abit of late, more annoying because i have been doing well on AV's for 9 months and feel Im starting to go backwards the last few months. Have been working full time since may, the money is good compared to part time, but am looking at changing back to part time. Im buggered after day 3, and vegetate on my off days doing 2/3rds of nothin. Insomnia is kicking in and the drugs arent working, i hate that.

    My question is im looking for an AD thats neutral with sedation and energizing effects> I know its no cure but just need to feel a bit better about feeling like crap, lol, as you do. Have thought about low dose of lexapro.Have used zoloft in the past, but it is abit to energising for me.

    Any opinions please.
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    Look these up:

    5-htp (amino acid helps brain produce serotonin)
    l-tryptophan ( " " ")

    I can't tolerate prescription ADs, have good results wtih 5-htp. But don't take 5-htp or l-trypophan if you are already taking a prescriptoin AD because you may develop serotonin syndrome (too much serotonin), which can be dangerous.

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    not natural, neutral as in not sedating or stimulating.
    Natural stuff had minimal success, st johns worts to stimulating, 5htp helped withdrawing from ssri's in past but have not had much success.

    Im also thinking of endep/amitrptyline, never had any weight gain issues or sedation from it, was good for nerve pain though doesnt last.

    Something i have found works well but used for other things is tramal, i know it has characteristics of AD's, but does lift mood and help with brain fog, as well as pain.