neutropenia / agranulocytosis.... huh????

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    I was wondering if anyone knew anything about these diseases? Ive just started a new anti-depressant and the doc said these illnesses can occur 'rarely' with this drug and if i got mouth ulcers / sore throat / flu symptoms, i was to go back straight away to have blood taken.

    I did a search on the net, and they sounded awful. What i wondered mainly was, how long would it take for these symptoms to appear? Straight away, after a few days?? Weeks?? I cant find that information anywhere and thought i would ask here... i seem to have a sore throat all the time anyway, so im worried i wouldnt know the difference!!!

    Help? Anyone? Im sure these conditions are rare, but i would rather be prepared just in case and know what im looking for and 'when' they might appear!

    Thank you in advance


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    in the hope of an answer to this...

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    After the birth of my last child (24 years ago) and a C-section, I ended up with neutropenia. My white blood cell count was about 2.0, it has now increased in the 3's. The rest of my white count is fine. No one knows why this happened, but it has not caused any major problems for me. The only thing I have noticed is that when I get a virus of some sort, it takes me longer to get rid of it, than the average person. My family may get a cold and it's gone in a couple days, where it takes me a couple weeks. Not sure if this is the neutropenia or the FM/CFS? Certain meds will mess up your blood count. I would weigh the drugs against the effects. Sorry I can't be more help.
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    thanks for the reply

    I know what you mean about the slow recovery with colds etc. Im the same.

    I've been on these new meds for 3 days now and im starting to think something would have happenend by now if it were going to...

    My sister has woken up with chicken pox today and im so worried im gonna get it too, we live together..
    I think that would just about finish me off right now. I had it 5 years ago, i dont think you can get it twice but im not 100% on that..

    Hope you are well, take care