Never a Day that I Feel Good, Can Anyone Relate

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Is it suppose to be this way, I never have a day that I can actually say I feel good..There are some days better than others but getting to be less of those..Its not the pain as much as just feeling tired,achy and bad all over..

    I don't seem to have the pain described with fibro mine is a deep bone achy pain much worse the day after activity and by activity I mean trying to make it to the grocery store..

    I just feel I am getting worse and its scary..My anxiety and depression is always there and the fear of going or doing anything. I can never make plans if I do they are usually broken..

    What is so depressing I went to a fibro support group and all the ladies there worked, excerised and seemed to have a life
    without depression etc. heck they seemed so "normal" and it was all I could do was to get there and as far as the horrible fatigue no one could relate. I came home knowing I had something much, much worse..

    The doc says cfids/fibro which effects my body but oh how I wish it would not effect my mind...

    The guilt of not being able to be there for my family is killing me, not only have I become a hermit my husband is turning into one too...I miss doing and being with my grandchildren and great ones..

    Sorry, just needed to vent I get so tired of being sick and tired when nothing seems to work...I do know I have a lot to be thankful for as bad as I feel it could be worse..I can manage to get out maybe once or twice a week for a short time...

    Prayers for each of you,
  2. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I know how you feel, if we could figure out what cause's this and what could cure it, would be the Biggest gift in the world.
    I hate how limiting these DD's are, and it is frustrating.

    I have been busy with my Brother who is in a NH, and also with the Foster GK's.
    There are so many times when I am needed, but can't even move my body, that I sometimes Cry.
    I feel like I am letting them down, because I did promise to help all I could.
    They good thing, is They do understand, and we try to make it as easy as we can to watch them.

    I wish, all the Time, that I didn't have this DD, my mind Thinks it can still do things, but the Body, know's it can't.

    It's good that your getting out, when you, do, I think that is so important, to our coping with these dd's.
    Sometimes you just can't tho, I know.

    Hope your Day will be a Sunshine one, the Sunshine being in your Heart,
    Don't Feel guilty, you have a Big Heart, that's what counts.
  3. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I am so sorry to hear about your brother being in the NH..My Mom was there for 3 years and I tried to take care of her but at the last when she needed me I was so worn down I couldn't be there for her..So please pace yourself...

    Thanks for your reply..
  4. NifferA

    NifferA New Member

    In the beginning I had good days, but not anymore. I do have "not as bad days" though. Even with my pain medication I have unrelenting pain. I have become somewhat good at predicting what aggrivates the pain most. Of course I pace myself, but I do get out occaisionally for brief periods, but usually only to places I know I will be comfortable.

    I'm not nearly as fun as I used to be. I am still learning how to make the best of a bad situation....but I'm not giving up.
  5. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    What's that, lol, lol,
    Do we ever really pace ourselves, I know we should, and I have to forse myself to slow down, before the Body, rebells on me.
    Today is my Day off, and I usually go every other day to see the Brother, he's Happy there now, it took a month to get him settled, as he didn't want to be there at all.

    He's 57yr's old, I can't blame him, but he's actully getting around now, with a wheelchair and portable Ox tank, so he's meeting other's, who are living there too.

    That gives me more time to rest up.
    But then theres still that Ironing, to do. lol

    It's nice to talk to you again, ;o)
  6. Shannah

    Shannah Member

    Your message could have been written by myself. I know exactly what you mean. I've also gone to support groups and recognized that others there had a much higher quality of life than I and could not relate to what I was going through.

    I have tried countless therapies with no noticeable gain. I've heard DMAE and Vinpocetine are both good for mind fog but this could turn out to be just chasing another elusive claim - helpful for others but not for me. Neither of these are available in our area so am attempting to get my hands on some to try them.

    Sometimes it brings comfort to know that you are not alone. My thoughts and prayers are with you. How I wish I could offer something more concrete. Keep on keeping on!

    My Best,
  7. I am with you , the longer this dd goes on the worse it gets. Somedays it's hard to just not want to lay in bed all day, but I never do. If it wasn't for the pain pills and they just take a good edge off , I don't know how I would handle this. The morning is the worst pain wise for me.
  8. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thank you for your replies..I use to work in a doctor's office but never heard of anything about fibro or cfids..There were a lot of pts. dx. with anxiety/depression and basket cases now that I look back I wonder if this could have been their problem.. They were sent home with AD's
    and someitmes a referral to a therapist...

    If not depression then the dx. was one of the ritis (sp) brothers just got me to thinking how un-informed we were..

    I do know the depression and anxiety is a major issue with me..Do any of you suffer with it?

    Thanks and Prayers,
  9. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I am so sorry to hear that you have had to deal with this all your life...I have a granddaughter that I feel is going thru exactly the same thing but to get the doctors to listen...Now they say it is depression, she is 13 and is trying to make it in school when she comes home she goes to bed and has lost a lot of weight..

    I don't see how you are able to manage all the children..My prayers are with you...

    Oh, what do you take or do for your depression/anxiety??

    God Bless
  10. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Same here I have tried all the AD's with horrible side effects..I do take xanax which takes the edge off..Maybe someday there will be a cure...

    Take care
  11. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Phyl, I certainly can relate!

    I can't remember a day where I actually felt good.

    My husband tells me that I have been sick every day since we got married close to 35 years ago! This is sooooo true!

    I always feel bad, everything hurts. Most days are really bad now. I just look for a day that I don't feel "as bad" as I did the day before!

    It is depressing!


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