Never ending cough, I am so sick of it.

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    I would sit down and cry but it would only make my nose run and add more junk to gag me with when I cough. I went to the doctor last monday and he told me that I was sick DUH! I was hacking up green junk from my lungs and when I blew my poor nose it too was green. Sorry for the gross out discription.

    The doc said that he heard fluid in my lungs, but didn't think that I had phenumonia yet BUT since I get it really fast it was time for the antibitoics. When I finally quit coughing from being asked to take a "DEEP BREATH" I asked so what do I have and the answer was bronchitis and a BAD case at that.

    I don't remember a time when I have coughed so hard and so much that I would gag every time I had a coughing spell. I coughed so hard that I feel like I have cracked my ribs and I know someone must have slugged me in my rib cage as I hurt so much.

    I spent most of last week in bed and not getting dressed for any thing other than seeing my doctor. Even yesterday I was still coughing so hard that I thought I was going to throw up in the rheumys office {I went to him with my MOM}

    That poor doctor took a look at me and went to shake my hand and I wouldn't let him as I had been coughing in to it , he took a long look at me and said "You sound awful and you really look sick. " He asked if I had been to the doctor for this as I sounded sick enough that I should be in the hospital and on 02.

    I had his nurse take my pulse 0x and it was 90 and that was after I had taken a deep breath. So she checked it again in a few minutes and it went to 92 .So I went and used my inhaler and that helped and brought it back to 93. So I really must be sick.

    I have had the worst headaches this past week and my coughing didn't help them at all. I sounded like a saint bernard and now my cough is so tight and I still am coughing junk up it is so gross.

    Sorry, I don't mean to gross you all out. I don't rememember being so sick as I have been this past week. I came home and broght some masks to wear while my 6 week old grandbaby is here I really don't want to get her sick. Her mom has had the same thing and she had the flu shot too.

    She was on the same antibiotic that I was on and we started it the same day and finished it the same day. So I don't think that I will get her sick but one can't be to safe with tiny babies. My hubby has this junk as well but he also has diebetes and is on a insulin pump.

    But he will not go to the doctors for this , it will go away on it's own and I don't want to use antibotoics too much.

    I think it has been over 2 years since he was on any kind of antibotics. But being a man he knows all {SORRY GUYS's} I think that I am getting better but still feel rotten , it really takes it out of me when I get this sick. I may go in to the doctors office this week if I am still coughing up green junk. I have been some today but then it went to clear.

    I feel better than i did but still exhusted all the time. I really don't want to go to the doctor again but if this does not get much better in the next few days I will see him again. I have talked to his nurse who said that the Zpak lasts for 10 days in your system.

    My wheezing is not so loud any more but I am still wheezing. I know that I have asthma and possiable COPD so and I have had a tight cough for as long as I can remember. No one has ever told me what it was from or why I have it.

    I sound like I have croup only not as high pitched cough but it is so tight that I have a hard time breathing. So now when I get a cold it turns in to bronchitis or phemumonia. This started fast as I started feeling lousy only a week ago on last friday. By that monday I was really sick and went to the doctor. I have been told that I take along time to recover from this junk so I should drink more and rest more as well. Thanks for everything and I willl go back if I am not better in a day or so.

    Well I better stop whinning and go to bed as I have over done it to day. Thanks for letting me whine about this.
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  2. kjfms

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    Awe I am so sorry you are under the weather -- there has been some pretty nasty bugs making the rounds this year.

    Yes the Z-Pak will stay in you system for 10 days -- I just finished a dose pack myself although I do not think I am nearly as sick as you.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Take care,

    Karen :)
  3. GigglePoet

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    wow, that coughing is so exhusting isn't my mom has had the same problem as of late and since she is older she coughed so hard that the retna in her eye stated to detach. I guess this cam most often be brough on from coughing real hard. Here Doctor told he to take something he said he felt was a good product called Mucinex. It loosen the flem inside of you chest so that you can cough it up and out.

    God Bless and Be well
  4. ravenpaige

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    I've had bronchitis a lot (in fact, just finished a prescription for Z-pack myself), and the Mucinex really can help to clear out the lungs. This is an OTC expectorant (actually, Guaifenesin in pill form). The best way to take it is, at the very least, take it every day while you are awake. If the coughing keeps you from sleeping, then it might be better to take a cough suppressant at night to give you good sleep (try one with an antihistamine too, if you have post-nasal drip that adds to the cough). Then during the day, try to avoid the cough suppressant, but use the Mucinex to help clear out your lungs. There is also a Mucinex DM version which has a decongestant in it to unstuff your nose, if needed.

    A doctor I had a long time ago told me about this day/night strategy and I've really found that it helps. Of course, it also takes time to clear up the bronchitis, often it will take 2-3 weeks for the cough to go away entirely. Meanwhile, if your coughs are productive (you're getting up a good bit of green), then that's a good sign, since it means the bronchitis is breaking up. However, your coughs should start to be easier; if not, then the doctor may need to reevaluate you.

    The sore ribs may take a week or two to heal too...mine are still really sore from coughing. This last bout, I also got laryngitis and couldn't talk for almost a week. Nice stuff!

    One final plus on the Mucinex is that it is the same Guaifenesin that many use in Guaifenesin therapy for FM, so I always figured it couldn't hurt to add that.

    Good luck. Hope you get feeling better soon!
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    I'm putting this up for coughers who've been treated, long years with coughs with antibiotics and are still coughing.

    My ex husband was in this situation and nothing worked. I married him and had become deaf to his coughing thinking it was his smoking. I finally dragged him to an ENT specificialist who found severe post nasal drip and he also referred him to a gastroenterologist for and upper GI. He had very severe GERD but had never had heartburn and a stomach ailment they probably never heard of in his native country.

    6 months of treatment with the correct meds, his coughing completely stopped. He still smoked like a chimney, but didnt cough anymore, which suited him just fine.

    According to Drs GERD produces strong acid which bounces back up into the throat, especially when laying flat in bed, and its the acid that causes you to cough constantly.

  6. rosemarie

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    STill coughing hard but starting to feel better, I am still usuing Mucinex DM as I have had a stuffy nose along with this stuff. It really works well and I started to feel better qucikly , as it made me less stuffy and my cough was a lot looser. I am just tired of the aching and couching so much that I gag and want to throw up. I hope that it leaves soon. I still have a wheeze when I breathe so I may call my doctor tomorrow about it and what if any thing there is that I can do about it.

    Thanks for all your answers they helped me feel better.

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