Never ending flare? (kind of whiny - sorry)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by emttoni, Sep 1, 2003.

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    Before I went to see the pain management dr to get my fms dx I had good days and bad days. It seems there were more good than bad tho. I could at least get up and do the everyday things and not feel like yuck forever after. When I went to the pain dr and he pressed on the trigger points in my lower back and neck and I felt like he had shot me there. Well now I hurt there all day every day. The pain meds and muscle relaxers I am on help some, but with two young children I dont want to go any stronger on pain meds - I feel I need to be able to function as their mom. To me that is more important than anything else. I guess my question is does the flares ever end? Will this just be the way things are from now on? Sorry for whining, Im just having a bad day from hurting and then I think I might be pms'ing here a little (like there isnt enough!). Best wishes and gentle hugs ~ Toni
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    Is there a chance that you can take stronger meds at night after the kids are down? That way you would get a better nights sleep and possibly heal from the insult on the trigger points.

    Are you taking magnesium malate? Its a form of magnesium that is supposed to help with muscle pain.

    Hope this passes soon. -Karen
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    Hi, I've been going thru a bad spell myself and I know how your feeling right now. How long have you had this and how long on the current meds? It may be time for a new therapy. I've had this for a long time and I feel so much better when I'm able to do more. The stuff that used to work for me isn't any more and so I've been trying to educate myself by reading up on the new info on the net and hearing, reading everyone else's trials on their meds I've not yet tried. There is a rainbow I'm not giving up til I find it!
    karen (kjan9)
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    Yes, I do believe that many times flares will "burn out" and you will have better days. I understand you not wanting to be on too many meds because of your children. I'm sure more people will answer and give some good suggestions for vitamins, etc. that will help you.

    I am on a good multi-vitamin, collodial silver, fiber, soy protein supplement and lecithin. Not sure I could get through the day without them.

    Better days..
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    I went through the same thing when I went to a new pain specialist and she pushed the spots and put me in so much more pain. The next appointment she raised my neurontin to 4 times a day (300mg,) and my oxycontin to 3 times a day (20mg,). Oh! my I have been out in space!!! The only time I feel any more comfort is at night. I told my husband tonight that I don`t know if I can take this much medicine. My body just jerks every once in a while and all I want to do is sleep. I just tip side-ways in my chair and then get one bad neck problem. There just does`nt seem to be any answer.I surely know where you are coming from. My charge to see the specialist was $185 and I saw him about 10 min. The rest of the time was an assistant. They told me I could request to see him and I believe I should have the next time but it is too late now as you have to make the request when you set up the app.It is a tangled web we have to work our way thru is`nt it? I`ll be thinking of you and hope yourpain will ease up!!! Clueless