Never ending headache

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by dash, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. dash

    dash New Member

    Hi everybody,

    I was weaned off the prednisone that they gave me when they thought I had temporal arteritis.

    Unfortunately, the terribleheadaches began to return. I have had a constant headache since Saturday.

    Saw my rheumy today. I had a trigger point injection in the shoulder. (This doctor has a gift for giving injections absolutely no pain.)

    He thinks that the headache may be related to cervical problems. He tried to have the spine /physical rehab/pain management specialist in the practice talk to me, but she wasn't in this morning due to a dentist appointment.

    I will be seeing her on Monday morning and have been told to expect tests.

    I am also going to see an opthamologist tomorrow about my vision disturbances.

    Please pray for me. The headache is very bad and incapacitating.

  2. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I will be praying for you that the headaches get better soon and your health problems clear up. ITs so frustrating to be going through so much and hard to get answers.

  3. Lupian

    Lupian New Member

    Put your blessed hand on Della's head, please, and soothe her brow. Father, I plead with You to take away this terrible headache and replace it with peace and a sense of having been completely healed. Thank You, Lord, in Jesus' precious name.Amen
  4. sweetpeas

    sweetpeas New Member

    I can relate to unrelenting headaches, so I can empathize with you in a special way.

    Dear Lord,
    I ask that you extend your loving, healing touch upon Della and that you give all the medical personnel that come in contact with her wisdom and insight. In the mean time, I pray that you will comfort Della and assure her of your abiding presence--that although we have not been promised a pain-free existence in this life, we have been promised that you will never leave or forsake us. I ask these things in Christ's name, Amen.

    Love and soft ((((hugs))) to you, Della.

    Sweetpeas (aka major migraine sufferer)