Never felt better off all Drugs.

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    I cant believe how well I am after going off Elavil and Lunesta as I was allergic to the ingredients in them.

    I decided myself to go off them and it was hard as the withdrawls were terrible and I was only on one 25m Elavil.
    My insomnia was bad for a while but I am improving.

    I went to see a Kinesioligist who tested me for allergies and was able to tell me what supplements I was lacking in.

    I am taking Bvitimans, Pantotenic Acid and Selinium. I am also taking Ginkgo Biloba which is helping with my Nerve Pain and is also good for circulation. I am also taking a Prebiotic called LGlutamine for Leaky Gut as it is supposed to help also with IBS and Candida.

    I have my Candida under control and will have to stay off white sugar permanent as that was my main problem with Candida. I am also allergic to Dairy and take Rice milk instead. I take a calcium Tablet as I have osteoporsis and there is also calcium in the Rice Milk I take and it also is Brown Rice which is better than white.

    I use Lavender Oil at night rubbed into my wrists and soles of my feet and put some on my pillow. I also listen to relaxing music in bed which helps to calm me and helps with sleep.

    Just wanted to share this with you all and anyone thinking of doing what I did I wish you well. I know everyone cant do it but its the best thing I ever did. I cant believe the energy I have.

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    that's wonderful! Have you been able to work on any new paintings lately?