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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I can't reply to your post on your thread (no reply button) so I am replying in a separate

    You kinda remind me of myself. Too polite for our own good. I got a new focus from
    a lot of things including therapy and 12 step group. Have you read, "When I Say No I
    Feel Guilty" by Manual Smith? There is a similar book called "the Power of No" by
    Newman (Susan?).

    It's kinda like the flight attendant says about the oxygen masks. Take care of yourself
    first. Then you can look around to see if you can help somebody else.

    You might consider meds and therapy. Vitamin D3 and the vitamin B12 patch have
    lessened my depression.

    We can change our lives if we want to, but we can't simultaneously take care of
    somebody else. That person will have to manage her own life.

    I moved from the Mid west to CA to get away from my demanding, alcoholic, dysfunctional
    relatives. Geographic therapy is often effective.

    I hope you can find something to help.

  2. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    I copied your post and put it into the thread so NeverImagined would get it. Hope you don't mind. (The cats made me do it!!!)
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You are always so thoughtful.

    I used to do a lot for other people. Work overtime for no pay. Go to movies I didn't want
    to see cause a friend did.

    Then I got to the point where I would politely say no. This just led to a lot of discussion.

    Finally I discovered the secret. Now when People ask if I will drive them to the airport at 3 in the morning I just say, "Are you crazy?!" That usually ends the discussion.

    How are the good Cesar and Haha, my Alz brain forgot. Cesar and Cleo?

    The board is working today. I can get Reply buttons. Last few days it's been
    a struggle.

    Hope you're having a good day.

  4. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    Cesar and Shelby send their good wishes. I'm so glad you are able to reply again. That's great. Sometimes I come on here and get no buttons at the bottom and I just think it's like gambling and today is not my day!!!!
  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I knew it wasn't Cleo. All I could think of was Sheba. I used to feed a feral cat
    I called Sheba. She was all black and beautiful. I can't remember what happened
    to her.

    Sometimes the feral cats just disappear, and I never know why.

    The house next door has been vacant for ten years. It has a beautiful garden. 3-4
    cats live there as well as skunks and possums. I take food over once a day. But
    now the place is up for sale. A crew is over there now cleaning and tossing stuff

    I suspect some of the animals will be displaced. Even though I live in the heart of
    Los Angeles surrounded by 12,000,000 people, skunks, possums and raccoons show
    up at our door for cat kibble.

    Sometimes we see coyotes a mile away where Gordon's mother lives.

    I'll say the reply buttons are a gamble. Yesterday I was able to post. Then, when I tried
    to do a post on the same board a few minutes later, the reply button was gone again.

    Too much for color TV, as my absent neighbor used to say. I never did see the sense
    of that expression.


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