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    Too funny, M! Gawd, it's not like I don't experience enough frustration in my life. It just never stops! I won't post here anymore. Sorry I bothered.[This Message was Edited on 05/02/2003]
  2. fibrorebel

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    Curiosity killed the cat but I will bite anyway, "Why did you e-mail our President and Vice-President?" Don't leave me hanging though as this board is flying today and you will be lost to the pages out in the gret beyond!LOL!
    love Rebel
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    Marilyn :)
  4. debbiem31

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    You are the awnry one aren't you!!! LMAO!!!!!!
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  6. Smokeymar

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    Yes, I would like to know why you emailed them.
  7. allhart

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    im sorry but i did find it funny,
    if i didnt what to know why you emailed them i would not have clicked on the post,
  8. outraged

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    there are enough people out there who judge us. I have been through complete hell this last year. This is (or so I thought) supposed to be a place of support. Funny or not, If you didn't want to know what I had to say why click on the post? Moreover, as we are so judged and very few people actually want to hear about it much less help, here is one who was more than willing to listen and maybe even help and you mock me. How do you know that maybe, just maybe I could have gotten through to the president? It just pisses me off. I feel like I've just come back from another ignorant doctor's office.
  9. outraged

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    Thanks for being so nice. I would still like to hear about what you are all doing and how I can help. Feel free to contact me. Geez, I have to find a safe place to give you my email. As soon as I can get into the chat room I'll give you my email if you want to communicate?
  10. allhart

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    i did want to know what you had to say thats why i read the post marilyns reply just seemed to brake the tension,
    please dont take anything like this seriouse,
    i am sorry if i hurt your feelings
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    i just wanted to say welcome to the board it took me 5 years to get diagnosed people just dont believe you, you feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall just to get some one to acnowledge that some thing is wrong and i thing most of us no what is wrong before the doctor actually tell's us, sorry you have had a bad year hopefully you will get support from this board it is a good board and the people are very supportive.
    so welcome from the uk
    love from Loopyloo x
  12. fibrorebel

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    I just wanted to say that I hope in know way that you took my response as sarcasm, as it most certainly was not the intent. Due to the intense fibrofog and new meds. I have like no attention span and am quite a light hearted person as most know by my posts. If you had said "I"M upset or really ticked and you want to know why?" I would not even made an attempt at humor. This board is an extraordinary group of people that are understanding ,supportive, smart,
    heroic survivors and we welcome everyone with open arms.
    We all have so very much to contend with, the world is cruel
    and that is why we lean on one another and even try at humor once in awhile to try for a little while to forget that our lives have been turned upside down. Please...
    don't let this giant misunderstanding cause you to leave
    before you even get a chance to really get to know the board, it has so much to offer and it seems like you have a lot to contribute as well as you deserving aplace to come and be yourself, vent,and really get some validation and support. love, Rebel
  13. Shirl

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    I am so sorry you feel that someone was making fun of something you though was serious.

    I did not read your original post, as I do not get involved with all the petitions around here, and believe me, I have seem more that my share in the two plus years I have been here.

    If you think you can get help by writing to the Pope, just do it. Thats your personal option just like anyone else here.

    As for whoever is 'bashing' the president, if you want to get political, carry it to the Chit Chat Board. I will delete all posts that get into politics on this board.

    You are very welcome here Outraged, and please keep posting.

    Take care, and calm down, stress is a no, no, with these illnesses.

    Shalom, Shirl
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I feel like I missed something, but I am sorry you have been treated less than courteously here. Please know that we are usually on much better behavior when greeting new people.

    You are welcome here and I hope you will give us another chance.

    Love, Mikie
  15. fibrorebel

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    Outraged first post said "I just emailed the President and vice pres. wanna know why? I was the first to post and my answer is still above. I only anwered what I did as when I
    had clicked on the above message to find out why all the post said was the same thing, "I emailed pres. Bush and vice pres. Chainey wanna know why?" so... I still don't think the respose I gave was in any way rude. Is my fog just that bad and I was wrong or what? Certainly not desiring to cause any problems for anyone that is just not my heart... love to all, Rebel
  16. outraged

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    Alright, it seems in my frustration and my quickness to protect the integrity of what we all fight everyday I've forgotten one very important thing...Maybe it was an attempt at finding some laughter and light in at least part of Marilyn's day. If it was, please accept my apologies. Lord knows I am far from perfect. Marilyn, if in fact you were simply trying to be light and humorous and meant no disrespect, I am sorry. I failed to see it as something as harmless as a chance to laugh and make others laugh.
    It's just that after 8 years of suffering, not being heard, not being believed, and having to prove that I'm really sick, not lazy, you know the rest, I am so defensive because, like the rest of you, I've had to be.
    I just think that after all the negativity, disbelief, or just plain apathy about what we face daily, that If I had just one person offer to help this cause I'd at least want to hear what tey have to say and gladly accept any help that they'd be willing to give. But then again, I haven't had the luxury of feeling pain levels of 1 or even 2 out of 10. Instead, I am having to be taken care of by my elderly parents (and I'm 38 years old, I'm supposed to be taking care of them). I haven't had a relationship in over 7 years because I can't even get out of my bed/house long enough to meet someone. So, yeah, I'm just a little bit defensive and really want to change things for all of us.
    If it's okay, I would love to stay and figure out a way to change things for all of us so that we can all have our lives back. I certainly remember me!

  17. VickyB

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    I send a (((Hug))) to you and a special prayer for you!! I am sorry to hear that fibro is so bad for you. I wish people would be more sensitive and supportive on this board. We are all suffering!!
  18. Sandyz

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    I`m sorry things got off to a bad start for you here. You`re welcome here and the people are usually very nice and supportive. I`m sorry you feeling got hurt and you felt sort of bounced on. It takes a while to get up the nerve to put up that first post and then to have people be negative about it hurts.

    Please stay around and join us in our fight.

  19. kerrymygirl

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    Welcome, as you read the bios you know how we are all frustrated and suffering. I to misdiagnosed and still am until the docs grow up, and we get to go to the right place for treatment. I to have not had the strength for a new relationship, it is so frustrating I always had no problem with getting asked out. Now I need the touch of humans since I do not get out for days on end due to driving diff.No family near by and have lost the people closest to me do to death or moving recently. I to sometimes get a tad defensive because of this long fight for atleast understanding from those you love, who do not get it. Most people would just rather look the other way. Now I know how the homeless person on the street feels,when society acts like they are not there. So hang in their kiddo, I am an advocate too and sometimes felt like I am beating a dead doc,excuse me dog,lol. With no attention even from arthritis asoc. & Amer. for disabiltites, do not acknowledge us.1 day my friend and I were the only ones too sick to sit through entire meeting for disabilities. Mostly for blind,paralyzed,hearing impaired,mentally ill etc. They did not acknowledge our plyth at ALL. Hope you have a better day and Welcome Again,oh did I already say that? Hugssss
  20. fibrorebel

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    and so very sorry that you are suffering without any validation what-so-ever, it really just seems to compound all the other losses we have, I know. For the first 5 yrs. of finally getting the Dx. I was in a state of denial and pretended to be ok for everyone that depended on me sake.
    I was still advocating for folks with developmental disabilities and attending meeting after meeting in schools, nursing homes, etc. I also tried to continue to keep the books and manage my commercial cleaning co., and
    was very invoved in all aspects of church, as assoc. pastor,
    tryin to deal with my mom who has scizophrenia, my son who has Autism and the other son who now seems to have fibro too.
    Finally, last year I crashed and seriously had to fight for my life. I do understand the feelings of guilt for being ill (as if we chose it!), thefrustrations of not being understood, the awful loneliness that seems to invade out of the blue, and the point of frustration that comes that screams "I JUST GOTTA DO SOMETHING", we need to be thankful for that one though, as that is the sign that we are still so much alive. Anyway this is getting too long, but just wanted you to know that I read your last post here and I am so glad, and am looking forward to seeing your future posts.
    Oh, and also it is just my opinion but it seems like we have lobbyists doing some fighting for us in legislature, but I am not sure but that is exactly how most causes really get their needs heard and addressed. Right now the fog is not letting me think how it is or where that I heard about our lobbyists...frustrating! Anyway that is as much as I can think of just now. So girl, you keep that drive and keep in touch so we know how you are doing, ok?
    love, Rebel