New aches and pains every day!

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    I'll start with a quick summary. In 99' my feet started to really ache. My MD didn't know what it was, actually said it was all in my head. I saw a podiatrist who treated me until my entire feel hurt so much that he decided he couldn't help anymore. Pulled my back a few months later and found out I had 4 degenerated and bulging back disks. A few months ago it was found that I have FM and CFS, now I'm being treated by a rhymotiligist. My back would get so bad that it effected so many different areas of my body. I even fractured a rib and figured the back was the cause of the pain, the fractured rib was found on an xray few months later. I started feeling sleepy most of the time, the areas of pain increased to the back of my knees all the way down to my toe joints, my elbows, knuckles and so on. I had difficulty trying to decide if it was my back acting up or the fibro. I can go out and run a few errands, however, I rarely complete them because I get too tired or to sore and need to get home. I've even noticed that I'm getting a lot of migranes, too. Are these any symtoms that any of you get? I even get the shakes in the mornings. I also have depression and anxiety. This really stinks!!!!!
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    I also have FMS and all of the symptoms that you described are the same problems that I have also with the FMS.
    I have aches and pains all the time.
    I hurt from my head to my toes, I also get those migrane headaches also.
    I haven't had a painfree day in years.

    Love and Prayers,
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    REPLY TO jutejute from soresally: Thanks so much for replying to my message. I'm sorry that you hurt every day, too. This is unbelieveable, having FM. I'm sure many people have worse conditions but I guess when you, yourself, are sick, it hits home. I've read up on the FM and I try to find a link with other sufferers. Thyroid problems seem to be in many peoples' prior history. As well as surgury, accidents and back problems. I don't know but what I do know for sure is I'm sick of this. I try not to give in to the pain and keep active as well as I can, but I'm sure you know the outcome--you feel worse afterwards. One good thing in relation to being tired often. My doctor preseribed TRAZODONE. I get a great night sleep. I could be in awful pain-especially the legs and feet, and have a great night sleep! I wake up alert, not like before when I'd get up and keep dozing off. I still get "run down" everyday around noon, but I don't get so run down like before when I had to get on my recliner and would pass out for hours. If you have trouble sleeping or never get the deep sleep at night, mention this to your doctor. It is funny, though, that absolutely no pain relievers, anti-inflamitory meds or muscle relaxers help at all, isn't it? Do you also have trouble with remembering things and pronuncing words right? That makes me feel nuts!
    Hope you have a few good days here and there. Hang in there! Always, Soresally
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    I'm not a doctor. However, I have had my share of different ailments, aches and pains throughout my life. I would highly recommend you check out; especially if you're body is needing to be balanced which I'm guessing it does from the things you mention. I am the co-owner of the site but this is not an advertisement. I started eating the foods to supplement my diet four years ago and haven't looked back. Its changed my, and my family's, life.

    Regardless of your diagnosis, its my opinion that you can really make a difference in your health by learning some key things about the body and your diet. Its been an empowering journey. Good luck to you!
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    Hi sore sally, I to like you never have a day or minute with out pain. I have been this way for about 4 years now and am so tired of it. I have even told my dr that I would just like to chuck this world but the grand kids and my two sons are worth me enduring the every day and minute pain that I have. I wish that no one in the world would ever have to go thru this but there are so many. It is terrible to have to live like this. With other diseases you eventually die with this you just have it till you die. So if you come up with something that helps please post it and I will do the same. Laura
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    I started with the high room temperature yoga (extremely easily and slowly) 2x per week plus self prescribed 50mg Ultram 2x day. Ordered from This is the only USA FDA regulated pharmacy I've found I can trust. I've tried others and encountered nothing but problems. This outfit keeps their promises. Hope this helps you.
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    I started with the high room temperature yoga (extremely easily and slowly) 2x per week plus self prescribed 50mg Ultram 2x day. Ordered from This is the only USA FDA regulated pharmacy I've found I can trust. I've tried others and encountered nothing but problems. This outfit keeps their promises. Hope this helps you.
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    I know just what you are talking about. I am 46 years old and I had a stroke in June of this year. Well, I thought life was over. My menopause was driving my crazy along with fatigue, and muscle aches. I began taking herbal products, after just 2 weeks on the products my health has never been better. I take energy boooster (all natural)and other natural products. If you like to browse through the products go to and read up on some of the products. I will never stop taking this product as long as I live. Wish you well.
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    I'd like to thank everyone who replied to me. Seems like a lot of new info to check out. Sorry it's been awhile since I answered buy I just got out of the hospital. My little tiny 25% of thyroid got overactive (long story). Anyway, my heart went into fibulations=like 170 beats per minute. Great. Anyway, looks like I'll most likely be taking the radioactive dye to kill it. (Good!) Now I'm seeing a cardioligist and an endocronoligist now,too. Oh! The funny thing is I forgot the name of the sleeping pill, the one I mentioned that helps me get a good night sleep and the first night in the hospital I was in real FM pain and was up all night! Stupid of me, hea? Well, I hope all of you are doing fine, at least as fine as you can. I will check in to all your great suggestions and thank you all again and may God bless! Later!
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    P.S............FANCYLADY 69-I also feel like chucking this world sometimes, too. I also have grandchildren, two sons and a daughter. I rarely see the grandchildren cause the boys wives are in "their own world, which doesn't include me." It's my daughter that is here for me--most times. There are a lot of times I FEEL ALONE------AND THAT'S WHERE ALL OF YOU COME IN. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!1
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    Hang in there Sally,
    you will get loads of good advice here. My grands are the light of my life also, sometimes the only thing that takes my mind off my pain.

    I'm going to a chiropractor now. It seems they are more willing to get to the bottom of what is causing pain any where in the body...and medical dr's only want to throw medicine at everything. That only masks the real ailment. I just found out I have possible disc problems, my medical dr never even ordered an x-ray when I told him my back hurt 2 years ago!!!They will wait until you can hardly walk before they react...
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    I can't believe how everyone's symptoms here are the same as what mine used to be. I'm 39 and felt like I was 89. I soon found out what my problem was after going through multiple surgeries trying to find the cause. None of the surgeries helped at all. I had FMS, migraine headaches, nervous leg syndrome, couldn't sleep at night, loss of libido, hair loss, depression, sudden weight gain and the list goes on. I found out that it was my hormones that were screwed up. I was thrown into surgical menopause when I was 32. Soon after that, was when my world began to fall apart. I started using a natural progesterone cream, Glucosamine, vitamin E and a good B Complex and voila! My life has returned and it's better than it's ever been before in my life. I no longer have the symptoms I had before. I wouldn't have known this had I not joined a support group at Yahoogroups on Natural Alternatives to HRT. That group literally saved my life AND my marriage. If you think this could be your problem, go check them out and tell them I sent you. I truely hope you all find what helps you best. It is terrible living with so much pain and wondering if you will ever see a pain free day.