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Discussion in 'Homebound/Bedbound' started by ninkinindy, May 20, 2014.

  1. ninkinindy

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    I know I'm a newbie, but Soul put me up to this so I could get some words in before anyone else - so blame her (or him - haven't looked up her (or his) profile yet.

    Things around the house that begin with the letter "B"
    butter dish
    bong (take this one either way you wish!)
    bottle of Beefeater's
    bowl (as in toilet or kitchen tool)

    Let the game begin!
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  2. .batteries, Baby Boomers, backs, bacteria, Backgammon, backpacks, backspace key, bladders, blood, bald man, bags, baker, baking powder, baking soda, balaclavas, baseball, baseball bat, baseball cap, baseball glove, ballpoint pens, bag balm, bananas, bandages, band saw, bandanas, bandwidth, bar soap, barbecue sauce, barrettes, basil, baskets, bath towels, bathroom, bed, bay leaves, BB gun, beans (black, green, lima, navy, pinto), beard, broth, bugs, belts, boots, bench, bottles (baby goats), beverages, Bibles, books, bifocals, binoculars, biographies, Brazil nuts, black widow, butter, blue things, brown things, big things, bodies, bookshelves, bowls, boxers, brace, brains, bread, briefcase, broccoli, bolts, bolt cutters, broom, brushes, buckets, buttons.
  3. windblade

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    Laura Elizabeth and Ninkinindy, You both made me laugh at your lists!

    Laura, Can we use words that other people have used before? Or do they have to be new?

    Been meaning to ask you that.

    Going back to mind my B's and Q's.:rolleyes:
  4. ninkinindy

    ninkinindy Member

    Holy Cow, LauraElizabeth! Did you go thru the "B's in a dictionary and post each one that had any possible connection to a house? That's a joke. I'm impressed! How long did it take you to come up with all of those?

    Windblade - I have no idea what the rules are but LauraElizabeth repeated one of my measly 7 offerings: bowl. Wait a minute, technically she didn't since she said bowls with an s. What a moral conundrum.:rolleyes:
  5. I do not know what the rules s are either but I have thought it is what you have in your own house, so there would be repeats.

    Those are things in my actual house lol.......well I hope there are not Black Widows but I have found two before.

    I sort of cheated with bag balm.....there is a commercial product by that name that people put on goat udders.....I use coconut oil really.

    I do not know how long it took but I wrote it on my tablet in bed and when I was done went to sleep!
  6. I have gotten rid of most of my personal possessions, so I have to list mostly my husband's things.......and of course he was in my list as well (bald man).
  7. ninkinindy

    ninkinindy Member

    How about belly button? Brisket?

    LA - can I call you that?

    don't forget "broad." Every home with a bald guy must have at least one broad. It's a misdemeanor in some jurisdictions if you don't have both.
  8. You can call me LA but what does the A stand for ;-)

    Yes, I do not always have brisket in the house but we are eating brisket Friday night so I do. And yes we both have bellybuttons.

    My husband is in fact bald but I just cannot call myself a broad. Lol.

    I also forgot brooder lamps for when we raise chicks.
  9. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Laura, how many goats do you have in your house? Do you have a special goat room, or do they just roam about?:cool:
  10. Currently zero. However I bottle-feed all my goat kids and they are in the house for the first week usually to save me energy from going outside for all the feedings. After a week or two they move outside but I do not have a goat room nor do they roam freely.......I have play pens. When we buy day old chicks they are in Rubbermaid tubs under brooder lamps until they feather out and go outside.
    However ALL of my goat and chicken supplies are in the house 365 days a year because we do not have a barn. That is why you will see things like bag balm and kid feeding bottles on my lists....they are really in my house.
  11. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Bed bugs, I'll let you guess if there needs to be a comma in between the two or not :p Beanstalks, butternut seedling, backfire, bucket, another bucket. Big bowl for sipping tea and water. Beauty, beast, all in one :D Bedlight (white)Board, breadmachine, bread rising in it right now... books, blender, broom, brocolli plants, brocolli flowers, brocolli seedpods. Breadknife breadboard. Bread paste, need to make some today because I had to many beans already B) Bloemkool (cauliflower) beard :D Brush Bathingsuit Bananas, bubble water, butterfly (example to try the book folding technique) BRAIIIIIINS bubble plastic. Butter (soybutter)
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  12. Soul*

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    High time to start a new letter, to not get the wreath of the OCDers over me I'll pick 'C' :p

    Cherry tomatoes
    Capucin beans
    Carobe aka Chocolatereplacer
    Candid Camera
  13. Darrae

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    Hi, Good game idea Soul :)

    cling wrap
    china cups
    chocolate bar
    crab cakes
    cat food
    cutting board
    cake pan

    (I think, maybe I spend too much time in the kitchen?) LOL
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  14. rockgor

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    You can use the same words
    Or you can refrain.
    Our only goal here
    is to entertain.

    Anyhoo, there are too many words to check. I'd run outta NRG before I started posting.

    Laura, come back and post some more when you feel up to it.

    Dar, I see what you mean about the kitchen. No wonder reading your post made me
    start thinking about a little something for a nosh. (I looked up "Winnie the Pooh
    quotes" to see what he said about a little something. I got some site that was
    talking about Pedro. Uff-da!)

    Soul, I remember Candid Camera. It was new over half a century ago. No wonder I
    feel so old so often. Dorothy what's her name used to be on it. She was a successful
    singer. Had a typical pop singer voice. Oh, yeah. Collins.

    Both Dorothy and Gisele MacKenzie were on "Your Hit Parade". Gisele had an even
    better voice (and played the violin too). Both gals were from Canada.

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  15. Darrae

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    Hi Rock,

    One of my favorite lines from an old Winnie The Pooh movies was when Tigger was trying to catch a pancake and said, "I love it when my food plays with me".

    Let's see if I can get away from the kitchen.........

    Cheshire cat
    Chip N' Dale
    Chai Tea (rats! kitchen!)

    Have fun folks. Come back when you have more energy Rock. I'm down today with left knee in an Ace bandage trying to get it to behave. :rolleyes:
    Laura, Ninkinindy, post more when you can.

  16. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Chai tea and rats in the kitchen? :p

    May I suggest you take your chai tea to a more comfy place without rats and drink it there ;)

    Your Chai post brought back sweet far distant memories. Night train stopping at a station in India where the Chai sellers walk past 'singing' their monotomous "Chai Chai Chaialai"

    Courgette (zuccini)
    Calming music
    Crunchy bread Crust
  17. Darrae

    Darrae Member


    That was funny. You visited India? How wonderful that must have been. I've always wanted to travel, but have never gotten off the Continent. The only place outside the Continental United States I've been is Canada. Montreal and Quebec. Very clean country compared to the U.S.. I did get to see Niagra Falls from the Canadian side. That was neat.

    Chai tea is a wonderful thing! Good hot or iced. (No rats...LOL). I like to buy the fresh leaves at a little shop that carries fresh coffee beans and tea leaves, called Oh Nuts. I brew it fresh in my tea pot. The only thing better is a great cup of Earl Grey. Earl Grey I drink in the English tradition, hot with cream and sugar with my breakfast in the morning, (with crumpets when I have them). I also buy Jasmine, Orange, Strawberry, Green, Irish Breakfast and other teas. Jasmine tea has such a beautiful, delicate flavor. I'm a "tea" person. Good stuff. :)

    calamine lotion
  18. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Is it D day yet?

    Dairyfree soymilk (Ok I cheated :p)
    Dinner (I wish... have to think of something still)
    Duh moments, lots of em...
  19. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    dinner bell
    dairy queen! :D (my fave)

    Gotsta have that mudslide!

    Warm thoughts all!
  20. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Etheric oil