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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jerzygal, May 13, 2006.

  1. jerzygal

    jerzygal New Member

    My doctor referred me to a rheumy last summer and was diagnosed with cfids, although my doctor thought it would be fibro.

    I have learned to live with the occasional flare but for the last 6 weeks, my glands have been swollen, sore throat, low grade temp and muscle pain. I also feel cold, sometimes like ice water is running through me. This is all new for me. Have had labs done and are normal including thyroid(tsh/t4/tpo. I really thought my wbc would be up but it was okay.

    Now the last week of this, the fatigue is overwhelming. I find myself falling asleep many times a day and just want to stay in bed. It seems I am getting worse instead of better.
    How long will this last? is it typical? I am so upset and feel useless. Mother's Day is cancelled at least on my end.
  2. mrstyedawg

    mrstyedawg Member

    This is very normal for CFS. I have had it for 22 years. It is different for everyone. The best advice I can give you is do not push yourself. It will only make it worse. Rest when you need to. It saddens me deeply when I hear about another person being stricken with this. I am so sorry for you.

  3. gladone

    gladone New Member

    Hi Ellyn,

    I also have cf as well as others (don't we all). I just wanted to tell you to hang in there. You have a friend in me here and I'm pulling for you.

    As far as your symtoms go (glands,sore throat, pain, and fever) they are all typical to me. As well as your emotional feelings of uselessness. (I've posted thoughts about feeling guilt and shame just this week).

    I can totally relate to the fatigue. I can't say when it will get better but I can say it will. It will ebb and flow on it's own course. Just know you are not alone and you are understood on this board.

    Best of luck to you!!!!!

    Big Hug,

    P/S as an edited note: fill in your bio....we'd like to know more about you![This Message was Edited on 05/13/2006]
  4. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    I'm sorry you are in a flare, especially for Mother's Day. You have come to a good place, though. People here will understand and support you. I hope you can spend some time reading posts. There are lots of things that can help and maybe you will find something that will help you.

    Good luck
  5. maggie428

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    Hi Jerzygal~~~I get the chills now and then. It is like you are coming down with the flu. Also throat feels swollen. Plus the aches and pains are always there. Was diagnosed with fibro a month ago and am now on Cymbalta. I did just go though a year and a half of having Polymyalgia Rhuematica. But now my seg rate is normal as well as everything else but yet these symtoms linger and now my Rhumatologist thinks I have fibro and of course that is chronic and probably will not go away as the polymylagia did. But I think the lack of energy is the hardest thing to deal with and getting up in the morning. Now exactly what is cfids????? Is that chronic fatigue symtom????
    My best to you and Good Luck~~~~Maggie
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  6. jerzygal

    jerzygal New Member

    to everyone who responded to my first post here. I had gotten ill with these similiar symptoms missing out on Christmas week, so now not enjoying Mothers Day with my family is frustrating. While they have been understanding of these flares, I know that it is upsetting for them as well.

    I can't respond to each person and I am sorry but it's just tiring plus I can't keep my thoughts together.

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