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    I just found this place and cant wait to get some much needed answers... I have fibro and have had it for 8 years. I am now having other symptions that are not fun. I now have a sore throat off and on. My lymph nodes under my arms swell and get painful off and on. When that happens I get so tired I can hardly make it out of bed. I also feel like I am on the verg of the flu, cant think ect. I have been having the lymph node problem for about a year and a half. The sore throat for about the same. My old doc would just tell me to lose weight and everything would be ok. My new doc I havent told yet because I have only seen him once and of course I was feeling ok THEN. My old doc gave my flexeral, vicodine, and advil for the symptions.

    I always thought CF made you stay in bed 24/7, and that life as you know it is over. I do have good days, well I always "feel bad" but I can function. I have been trying to read everyones post to see if they feel like I do. I am sorry this is so long but I just have to know if I now have CF or is this something else. any way I just feel awful. Tnahks...
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    I just have to add that I cant sleep. I get to sleep but within two to three hours I am awake. After I get up in the morning I am still tired.

    Thanks Melinda
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    You will get much help and encouragement here. I think a lot of us are in falres at the moment. Several people get the sore throat thing too.

    I have good days and bad too, or good PARts of days.. I tend to go to bed very early, not stay in bed, I cannot anyway due to family, I execise wuoite a lot too, some can, some cannot.

    Were you tested for Lymes properly?

    I have to go, would love to shat but I have neck ache due to being on too long today.

    Keep bumping your posts up(just reply wiht BUMP) so you stay on first page.

    Love Anne C
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    Sorry to hear about your sleep. Sleep is such a problem for CFS and Fibro sufferers. If you're desperate for a nights sleep try Benyadryl or Ambien. Benydryl is very cheap and you can just get it at the pharmacy. You can try cycling back and forth between the Benydrl and Ambien so that you don't feel like you're getting a habit forming with the Ambiens. But for the long haul you might want to try some more natural remedies for sleep. Try getting some Tryptophan and take between 500 and 2000mg just before bedtime. This is the most natural solution. Then you might also want to try some GABA, melatonin, Theanine and Valarian. Experiment to find the right doses for you. At night those are what I use and if I'm really having trouble falling asleep I'll pop and Ambien or Benaydryl.

    For the flu like symtoms you can try Proboost and some maitake mushrooms. This will help your immune system. But really there are probably more imbalances that need to be taken care of.

    As far as getting a good doctor. I go to the FibroandFatigue clinic in Torrence, CA. They are excellent doctors. They also have about 10 clinics around the country. They work with only bio identical and natural products. In just three short months with them I am back to work half days after being completely disabled and not able to leave the house most days. I've suffered with CFS for almost 20 years although it wasn't completely disabling until just this last year. I'm getting better every day and feeling like I'm alive again.

    Good luck to you in your search...
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    Thanks for helping. I guess the most worrisome thing is the lymph nodes swelling under my arms. I have had it for a year and ahalf it comes and goes. I* have no infections just feel like the sore throat tired thing. My thinking gets confused and I cant speak clear at times. My husband laughs when I say something backwards...
    Thanks again Melinda
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    Will the swollen lymph nodes you no doubt have excess toxins in your body and would benefit from a more alkaline diet. You're probably getting too much acid foods causing problems with yeast overgrowth in the body. The by products of yeast growth can make you feel foggy and confused at times. Try and get the book "The PH miracle" by Dr Robert Young or just read up online about alkaline diets. Both my wife and I have been on a more alkaline diet for over a year and have benefited greatly from it. More so my wife who was always having Fibro type symptoms of pain throughout the body and swelling of the fingers. She is now pain free and doing well - fingers are normal.

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    So most of you live somewhat normal lives? I had a friend say that CF puts you to bed for life!! Although I have really bad days where I have to get naps in just to make it, I have 7 kids and am on the go everyday. I have a really great husband that has been with me through thick and thin for 25 years now and he really helps with the kids.
    My friend also says that the information she had read said that most people with CF dont socialize much because they are so disabled. I guess she is not the expert.
    I am so glad I found this place...
    Thanks to all of you
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    cfs will not put yuo to bed for life. i have fm and cfs. we all suffer to different degrees but we all have different coping mechanisms.
    right now i am on a good mix of meds just right for me, i pace through the day and week, employ relaxation techniques and most important have fun :)
    life will not stop and if anything mine has been so much better since i was diagnosed because now i know whats wrong i can learn about it and so learn to deal with it.
    i'm married with 2 kids have 3 dogs and i work voluntary for a dog rescue. later this year i start my residential course for my dog trainer training with a view to starting a training group.

    yes i have days where i feel just awful and cant face the world but those days occur when i have over done it and not listened when my body was screaming STOP YOU DAFT COW!! :)
    my best tip for you is pacing pacing pacing. there are ppl who work full time which i know right now i am not up to and there are ppl here who's biggest achievement of the day was brushing their hair ~ which is a thing i fail to do most mornings choosing instead to scrape it all back and throw it into some sort of 'bun' :)
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    Thanks everyone who posted
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    Welcome to the board..

    These people are great and will help you greatly.

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    Hello and thanks again. I feel so much better now. I know Im not crazy. When I started having all this stuff I felt like I was going out of my mind. Now I think I can see light at the end of the tunnel LOL.
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    i TOO had people tell me my life was over; i mean they literally told me this. but once you find a system that works for you. your life can change for te better.
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