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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by catb, Jan 21, 2003.

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    I am new to this site and am having problems with depression and some anxiety. I would like to have some suggestions about establishing social connections again. I have isolated myself between working long hours and then becoming depressed. I have a wonderful husband and three children but lately very few friends. any ideas will be appreciated. I think getting back into circulation will help the depression subside. But it's been so long I forgot how to do it. Thank you all in advance. ps does anyone go into the chatroom for depression?
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    There are several things that cause depression. This makes researching very vital. One of the leading Mental health professionals Dr. Dan Amen of Amen clinci in Fairfield Ca. has a wealth of information of treating depression, as well as Dr. Ridha Arem. Dr. Amen show you through SPECT scans of the brain how the brain functions and explains how each area of the brain is responsible for certain behaviors. He puts a "face" on it so to speak. Dr. Arem has found that depression is often caused by thyroid disfunction. He has had wonderful results in treating depression with T3 in divided doses. Good luck, get out there and research! You will find healing.
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    i've been to the depression chatroom...just have to check from time to time to see what rooms people are in. I'm interested in a message I think you left for someone else...that you were using EMDR from anxiety and for depression too? I have been considering it. How often have you gone and with what results. This last week or so has been too much dealing with CF, pain, depression and anxiety. the last 2 days the anxiety/depression have eased off. see what tomorrow brings. always unpredictable. Started St. John's Wort again perhaps it is helping.
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    I am 24 yrs old and have suffered with depression, anxiety and fibro for 3 years. I have learned many things that have helped and would love to share. U have already made the biggest step by making this post and just finding the site. I have to much to say but medicine alone has a lot to contribute. I am on Celexa for depression which has been a life saver. Zanax helps wonderfully for anxiety and people who you can relate to for support is #1.
    I dont know much about this site and if we can post our email directly but I would like to speak by email for more support.

    Your #1 supporter,
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    i thought i would just say hello to let you know that there is an end to your depression.

    i don't know the answers to why and how long etc. but i do know it eventually gets better.

    i had depression brought on by anxiety for at least 14 yrs..Not suicidal depression but just a feeling of misery all the time and i was a bad person because i could not function as i thought i should.

    Pills from the doc do help you cope but are not the long term answer. Only you can eventually say sod this lifes to short lets enjoy what i can.

    i hope it helps to know that there are people out there who know how you feel. Hang on and it will eventually pass especially if you can get to the reasons why depression hit you in the first place. Be nice to yourself for a change as you are not a bad person for getting depressed.

    Good luck
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    this is to depressed and new. I to have dealt with depression for more years than I care to count. the first thing is to admit that you need help and you did that good for you and everyone involved.
    second get a professional opinion see a DR. get a check up and rule out all factors that might cause your depression physically. then go from there.
    I have a chemical imbalance from too many years of crisis and I take a drug that keeps me on track.
    take your medication faithfully I have not always yet I do now
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    Haven't checked the board in a couple of months. I've been doing it since Oct. about 2times per month. I think it's helping. my husband is also a psychologist and he gets really good results from people with one time trauma. my trauma is long term it's taking a long time for me. I don't know what to tell you but why not try it. you don't have much to lose. Cathy
  8. catb

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    thank you for responding. Cathy
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    saw your post I also suffer from the the same things you do and many other things. I might be too old for you. I am in my late fifties and I live in tucson arizona. If you want we can write to one another. have a blessed holiday..snickers
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    hi,i also would like to welcome you here and like other posts have said ,finding this site is one of your biggest hurdles completed!
    The chatrooms a great place to let it all out,believe me!!
    When the weight lifts off your shoulders you stand upright and again see the sunrise on the horizon .
    let the people here share your load, welcome.
  11. deckard1

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    y`know the sunshine thingy,the image,the horizon!
    sharing the load . . . oh forget it then!!
    just me I s`pose !!dont get me down!!